Marvel News: 2nd Printings, ‘Spider-Man’ / ‘Daredevil’ / ‘Punisher’ Crossover And Teaser Images For ‘Avengers Vs X-Men’

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‘Avengers Versus ‘X-Men’ Teasers

Marvel has unveiled seven new advertisements for their upcoming mega-crossover ‘Avengers Versus X-Men,’ showcasing individual members of each team squaring off as well as the first news of an upcoming crossover starring street-level crime fighters Spider-Man, Daredevil and The Punisher, entitled ‘Omega Effect.’

First, as for the ‘Avengers Versus X-Men’ images, some of the pairings (Storm versus Thor) are pretty straight forward, while others (Luke Cage versus Beast) are slightly more surprising.  One thing is for sure though, this will be a super hero brawl like no other!  Here are the images, with a few comments and my predictions as to the outcome of each face-off.

Avengers Versus X-Men Hulk Emma Frost Avengers Versus X-Men Luke Cage The Beast Avengers Versus X-Men Thor Storm
Avengers Versus X-Men Spider-Man Ice Man Avengers versus X-Men Ms. Marvel Rogue Avengers Versis X-Men Iron Man Magneto
Avengers versus X-Men Psylocke Black Widow
Hulk versus Emma Frost – Sorry Emma… but it’s The Hulk!  You’re gonna wind up shattered diamonds!

Luke Cage versus The Beast – Hmmm, not a clear match-up, but it’s sure to be a good fight!  Gosh, I’m not sure who would win here!  Luke has unbreakable skin, but Beast can be pretty ferocious!  (But Cathy Kammer woud kill me if I voted against Luke Cage, so he’s my predicted winner!)

Thor versus Storm – Both command the weather, but Thor is a Thunder God, whereas Storm is simply a mutant.  I have to give it to The Odin Son!  (Also, didn’t Storm just join the Avengers?  That was a brief stint!)

Spider-Man versus Ice Man – I think the real question here is, which side will Ms. Lion take?!  You’d think all Ice Man would have to do is freeze Spidey in a huge block of ice, but that Spidey is pretty hard to pin down.  Plus… he always wins.  No matter how adverse the situation, he always finds a way to power through.  So I’m going with Spider-Man on this one!  (Man! So far, the Avengers are doing 4/4!  This might be a landslide… not that I’m writing the book or anything.)

Ms. Marvel versus RogueAwwww man!  It just got personal!  Last time these two fought, things went extremely poorly for Ms. Marvel when Rogue absorbed all of her powers and memories… permanently!  Rogue lucked out and scored super strength and the ability to fly.  Ms. M gained a new power set and served as Binary for several years, before regaining her old powers and returning to her most iconic identity.  Rogue, meanwhile, lost those powers to keep her more in-line with her depictions in the live-action X-Men movies and the cartoon ‘X-Men: Evolution.’  But if history repeats itself, this could be the first X-Men upset!  This bout goes to Rogue!

Iron Man versus Magneto – I still feel odd thinking about Magneto as an X-Man, but what can I do about that?  Also, shouldn’t Magneto just be able to gesture and send Tony Stark flying?  Well, I assume Stark will be wearing some ceramic armor that defies Magneto’s mutant powers.  Also, as high-profile as Stark is right now, with ‘The Avengers’ movie coming out, I’m going to give it to him this round.

Black Widow versus Psylocke – Otherwise known as the battle I care absolutely nothing about.  Neither character has ever done anything for me.  Psylocke has vast telepathic abilities and ninja training.  Black Widow was played by Scarlet Johansen in ‘Iron Man 2.’  Psylocke for the win!

So by my estimation, The Avengers (a.k.a. Earths Mightiest Heroes) should soundly trounce the newly fractured X-Men.  A few big names are omitted, like Captain America and Cyclops.  So we’ll have to wait and see how those characters get divvied up.

Get ready for some fisticuffs!  ‘Avengers Versus X-Men’ #1 is written Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brubaker.  It will be drawn by John Romita Jr, with a cover by Jim Cheung and goes on sale on April 3rd, so mark your calender and prepare to watch the fur fly!

‘Spider-Man’ / ‘Daredevil’ / ‘Punisher’ Crossover

Omega Effect Spider-Man Daredevil The PunisherIn other Marvel news, writers Greg Rucka and Mark Waid will be collaborating on a crossover entitled ‘The Omega Effect’ starring Spider-Man, Daredevil and The Punisher.  The story actually spins out of ‘Daredevil’ #6, which I reviewed, wherein Daredevil comes to possess the Omega Drive, an ultra high-tech drive that contains in-depth information on the biggest criminal cabals in the Marvel Universe.  He actually tricks these factions into entrusting him with the drive (made from a scrap of a Fantastic Four costume, i.e. unstable molecules), which essentially makes him the most dangerous man on the planet.  In ‘The Omega Effect,’ The Punisher, Frank Castle somehow learns that Daredevil has this and wants it for himself to use on his war against crime.  Spider-Man is deployed by Reed Richards (inventor of unstable molecules) to keep the other two from killing one another and to safeguard the Omega Drive.

The crossover kicks off in ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ #6 in April and will then cross over into ‘Daredevil’ #11 and ‘The Punisher’ #10.  Mark Waid relaunched ‘Daredevil’ recently and upon reading issue #6, I was won over as a regular reader.  Rucka’s ‘The Punisher’ is insanely good!  (Here is my review of issue #6!Scott West reviews ‘Avenging Spider-Man.’  Check out his review of issue #2 here!)  The first two issues of that book were written by Zeb Wells, but Rucka and Waid will be stepping in for this upcoming arc.

Marvel Second Printings

And finally, in one last bit of Marvel news, the company has announced it will be going into second printings of several recently released books: ‘Scarlet Spider’ #1, ‘Avengers Annual’ #1, ‘Avengers: X-Sanction’ #2, ‘Carnage USA’ #2, ‘Defenders’ #2, ‘Incredible Hulk’ #3,  ‘Uncanny X-Force’ #19.  These join other recently announced second printings of ‘New Avengers Annual’ #1, ‘Avengers: X-Sanction’ #1 (two versions), ‘Carnage USA’ #1, ‘Incredible Hulk’ #1 and #2 and ‘Uncanny X-Force’ #18.

So many big events coming up!  I’m not sure my wallet can take it, but there’s no way I’m missing out on such huge goings-on!

  • Anonymous


  • I like the idea of the Spidey/DD/Punisher cross-over but, like I said in my last review for ASM, I don’t like being forced to buy extra titles to get the full story. It reeks of the 90s and we all know how that went for the comic industry.

    • Anonymous

       Punisher and Daredevil are both excellent though!  I’m not sure how they’re selling, so I think this might be an attempt at getting more readers to pick them up.

  • Leem1986

    Thor may be the God of Thunder, but he knows nothing of the subtilties of weather manipulation.  And don’t forget Storm can generate electromagnetic pulses.  Brute strength is one thing, but intelligence is a whole other story.  And what can Thor command without the hammer?

    • Anonymous

       I dunno… I love Storm, but I just don’t see her coming out on top this time.

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  • Ryan Sinclair

    All I hope for is more reprintings of Avenging Spider Man 1 and 2!

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  • Freddstorm

    Storm is an omega-level mutant, whatever if Thor is a GOD, he needs his hammer, is just the God of thunder, Storm is all the weather,!

    • Blah

       No, Thor doesn’t need his hammer.  He’s a God…read the comics.
      Storm doesn’t stand a chance…he’s hand waved the universe out of existence, and then created it again.  He’s battled Celestials and is lightspeed.

  • gabriel

    Hulk vs. emma = Hulk wins 
    Thor vs. Storm = Thor (As much as i love storm, the only way for her to win is to become the ROGUESTORM
    Psychloke vs. Black widow = Psychloke telepathy and enhanced psychic powers and all that. Black widow is out of place 
    Iceman vs. Spiderman = Iceman is an Omega Level, theres no way he will lose. Spiderman is may be fast, but elements are everywhere
    Magneto vs. Iron man = Iron man has no time to change suites in battle, Magneto is a master of magnetism and controls electric magnetic fields, Iron man is done for. MAGNETO WINS
    Rogue vs. Ms Marvel = Rogue wins (she puts ms marvel in coma)

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  • X-Men would kick the shit out of the Avengers, the only one that stands a chance is Hulk, besides him X-Men win EASY