‘Prometheus’ Director Ridley Scott Interviewed By Empire Magazine

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We can only guess about the relationship between 'Alien' and 'Prometheus."

All sci-fi fans have been patiently awaiting Ridley Scott’s return to his classic ‘Alien’. Now, After a great deal of secrecy and rampant speculation, it came to light that next year’s ‘Prometheus’ movie would be a prequel to the sci-fi horror…sort of.

A soon to be published Empire article gives some more insight into the mysterious film, which is being co-written by Damon Lindelof (‘Lost’). “Alien felt epic, but this one is Epic“, says the director.

The article goes on to say that while ‘Alien’ was about the survival of one member of a spaceship crew, that ‘Prometheus’ will be more about the survival of mankind. The cast has spoken about the scale of the sets and–if reports are accurate–we will get the background of the famous “space jockey” seen in the 1979 film.

The exact nature of the film, starring Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, remains a tantalizing mystery. We know that it will be epic in scope and while we will recognize the H.R. Giger aesthetic, the audience shouldn’t expect anything too familiar until the final eight minutes of the movie.

While Scott has never yet committed to making a straightforward ‘Alien’ prequel, he has tacitly admitted that will be what ‘Prometheus’ is. It is difficult to imagine such a hyped film not including the famous xenomorph at all. Perhaps that’s what the director meant by another quote from the article: “Oh there’s a lot more to it…I’ve locked up all the sweet stuff…”

Secrecy has to worked to the benefit of Chrisopher Nolan’s Batman movies and with one of the most popular sci-fi creatures of the time, fans are sure to turn out in droves to see the true nature of this film, set some thirty years before Ripley’s first encounter with her iconic nemesis.

Are you excited for this film? Will you be disappointed if the alien doesn’t make an appearance? Let us know!

And if you would like to read the full Empire article transcript click over to AlienPrequelNews.com.

  • Two words for Ridley; PLEASE DELIVER! 

  • Mr.ArtAtrocity movie critic

    Well i was excited…but more Alien lore not needed…unless we created it through some ancient bio-war.

  • Jason Ruediger

    As a fan of the first film, and I wouldn’t simply refer to myself as a fan – ‘Alien’ is my favorite film of all time, I am fascinated by the prospects of ‘Prometheus’. For years I have argued with fellow fans about the quality of each film in the franchise, which is tops and why the others fail to quite live up to ‘Alien’. The sequels in the franchise, with the exception of the director’s cut of ‘Aliens’, all but completely ignore the derelict spacecraft and its occupent, the Space Jockey. What fascinates me the most about this prequel, and it is a prequel, is that the sole focus of ‘Prometheus’ is the tantalizing mystery behind that aspect of ‘Alien’.

    The biomechanics of that ship as well as its occupant are so brilliantly imagined and designed that it’s rather difficult to think of another example in cinema that feels as naturally alien. It’s a wonder to me that the studio, the writers and directors of each sequel never saw the forest through the trees. They were so intent on mining the success of ‘Alien’, the brilliance of Sigourney Weaver’s performance and the intrinsic perfection of the monster they had, that no one ever thought of straying from Ripley or the ‘classic’ xenomorph in any of the subsequent pictures. So married to this idea were they that after the death of Ripley in ‘Alien 3′, we find ourselves watching a cloned Ripley in 1997′s perfectly awful ‘Alien Resurrection’. The studio was simply too afraid to gamble on the absence of Ripley from the franchise. As I recall, Fox insisted on Weaver’s inclusion in a fourth picture. So rather than make an attempt at something new, they instead chose to bleed the franchise dry. 

    That Ridley Scott, in returning to this subject matter, quickly shifted away from the obvious to ideas that have quietly languished for thirty-two years is fantastic. It does not bother me in the least that this film may not reveal the ‘classic’ xenomorph to its audiences. In saying that, I must applaud his bravery and audacity in this approach. Given that he directed ‘Alien’, he is probably the only person I as a fan would trust to come at this prequel in this fashion. 

    The potential for this material, this film has me so excited that I can barely contain myself. I feel 10 years old all over again and the man that gave me something I love is coming back to that same artisitic crossroads. I know…it’s just a movie, but there’s magic there and the wait for it is killing me.

    • I’m really happy to see that other people aren’t concerned with seeing the xenomorph. Your point about the space jockey sums up one of the reasons I’m excited for Prometheus. It seems that we never go more than six years without a xenomorph appearance, but we’ve been wondering what the hell the space jockey since we saw the original. 

      Aside from the jockey, the cast and Ridley Scott the idea that this film would deal with the lofty themes Scott is suggesting really got me worked up. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

      • Starman

        I am 100% with you on this, Wade!  I never understood why “The Suits” decided to focus the Alien films on Ripley’s character. She was a great character, but I felt her story was pretty much over after Aliens. I thought Alien 3 should have been a Space Jockey film…at least in part. 3 and 4, while visually stunning, were disappointments. And I won’t even get into the AvP films…ugh. Awful.

        Anyway, Prometheus comes out on my birthday and I can’t think of a better birthday gift! 

        Yes, I know it’s just a movie too…but WHAT a movie it’s going to be!!! Cannot wait!!