If you were ever awed by the special effects in ‘Avatar’, then here’s one gift that should be on your holiday list! Starting Tuesday, December 20th, a special edition of the James Cameron blockbuster will be available to download. ‘Avatar iTunes Extras Special Edition’ will include extras not available anywhere else!

This special edition of ‘Avatar’ will include the original screen play for the film, the scriptment (a combination of the screenplay and the treatment  which will read like a novella with some scenes broken out into dialogue) and over 1,700 behind the scenes and film images. But one of the most anticipated extras in this special edition will include a feature called the Green Screen X-ray.

The brainchild of ‘Avatar’ producer Jon Landau, the Green Screen X-ray allows the user to move an “X-ray” around 17 of the film’s scenes and see the finished and the green screen footage of that scene simultaneously. Viewers will be able to see ‘Avatar’ actors such as Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana hooked up to CGI gear and harnesses and see how that ‘X-rayed’ scene looked during filming while watching the finished product as seen in the pictures below. It’s a great and unique way for fans to deconstruct some of the movies most memorable scenes and reveal how director James Cameron used various special effects to create the magical world of Pandora. Take at look at a few of the pictures.

“Digital platforms like iTunes usher in new ways to interact with and watch movies like ‘Avatar’,” said Aubrey Freeborn, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Worldwide VOD and Electronic Sell-Through, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “These new interactive features enhance the experience and encourage digital ownership.”

According to Fox Home Entertainment, there are about 6 hours of extras included in the ‘Avatar iTunes Extras Special Edition’ and currently there are no plans to make them available on DVD or Blu-ray. The timing of the release was specifically picked to take advantage of the increased amount of iTunes gift cards that are purchased during the holiday season.

Although ‘Avatar’ iTunes Extras Special Edition’ won’t be officially released until December 20, you can pre-order starting today. The cost is $19.99 for the HD version and $14.99 for the standard. You can view some of the extras included in the trailer below: