Despite the death of Loki in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ we all knew the character would be back at one point or another, mainly because Loki has “died” a few times before in the MCU, and always managed to make it back. And even with Thanos claiming that Loki would not be returning this time, the Mad Titan was only half-right in that statement.

The Loki fans came to know and love in the main timeline of the MCU does indeed appear to be dead, but after the time-travel adventures of ‘End Game,’ a version of Loki did manage to escape right after the Battle of New York with the Space Stone, which means there is branch of the multiverse where that Loki is causing all kinds of mischief with that Infinity Stone. Which of course is where the Disney+ series ‘Loki’ comes in, with Kevin Feige confirming that Loki of that show is indeed the Loki fans saw escape in ‘End Game,’ and he will, as originally stated, be traveling through human history causing all sorts of mischief, or in Feige’s words, Loki will:

“…change historical events.”

Whether or not he ever makes it back to the MCU prime timeline is not known, but with the show premiering in 2020 around the same time that ‘Doctor Strange In the Multi-verse of Madness’ film hits theaters, it could be that Loki’s actions in his Disney+ show could directly contribute to an expansion of the multi-verse, as every time he changes the course of human history he would be creating a brand-new timeline (universe) since we now know (in the MCU) events that change the past do not actually change the future, but just create more branches in the timeline.


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But what does that mean for the series?

To me it sounds like a lot of freedom for the God of Mischief to do whatever he wants while traveling through time, though I am very curious about how exactly he will be moving through time since he only has the Space Stone, though maybe he will use it to steal the Time Stone early on the series since the Space Stone allows him to travel wherever he wants.

Do you have any theories about the ‘Loki’ series and how it could affect the MCU moving forward? Will we see that Loki join the main timeline eventually? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source:  MCU Cosmic