Time travel is one of those tricky things to nail when it comes to science-fiction cinema. Make it entertaining enough, and the flaws are forgivable, like in ‘Back to the Future.’ Get sloppy with it and you’ll end up with an ‘Avengers: Endgame’ scenario. Regardless, more films exploring the advantages and consequences of messing with the space-time continuum are more than welcome to me.

What’s more welcome than temporal displacement movies, are films that appear to be full of beautiful Italian vistas. Good thing someone was thinking the same just that same thing, because we get both in the upcoming flick called ‘Time Loop’.

“A father and son team of scientists unlock the secret of time travel while researching time movement.  During their first test they get trapped in a Time Loop, where their actions, in the past, have grave consequences, for the present and future.”
We’ve got an exclusive clip from ‘Time Loop’ that involves a piglet and what looks similar to a Stargate. Check it out below:

Time Loop aka ‘Time Perspectives’ is Ciro Sorrentino’s directorial debut and stars Sam Gittins of ‘Eastenders’ fame. This newest entry into the sci-fi film catalog will be available on multiple platforms including digital, VOD, and DVD September 1st.