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It has been confirmed that Courteney Cox and David Arquette are returning for ‘Scream 5’, to be directed by ‘Ready or Not’s Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.  That means the only original star that has yet to be signed is Neve Campbell, the lead in all four past ‘Screams’.  She starred as Sidney Prescott, a teen (originally) who was targeted for psychological torture and attempted murder by a pair of demented classmates. And despite her efforts to leave her bloody past behind, she found herself drawn back into copycat killing sprees three more times.

Hopefully, there will be a fourth (and fifth overall), as it’s hard to imagine a new ‘Scream’ without her.  Arquette shares that opinion.

As he told ET Online:

“We have to get Neve, that’s the real thing.  She’s the heart and soul of the Scream franchise, so to get Neve would be a really tremendous thing. Like, I’ve seen her at conventions and stuff and it’s just almost like family. We all have gone through this experience together and it’s — we’re all really sad about the loss of Wes…I would love for her to be a part of it. I mean, she’s such an important– she’s the heart and soul of it.”

If it helps, earlier this year, Campbell said that she had had “talks” about the new sequel, but so far nothing official has been announced about her return.

Arquette plays Dewey Riley, originally a deputy, who had been promoted to sheriff in ‘Scream 4’.  Cox portrays Gale Weathers, a muck-raking reporter whose career garners some legitimacy after covering the “Ghostface” slayings.  Dewy and Gale were married between ‘Scream 3’ and ‘4’, although things had sort of hit the rocks by the fourth.

The original three movies were released by Miramax, and ‘4’ by The Weinstein Company, but the reboot hails from Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures.

Check back for updates as they arrive!