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Jason Bateman is set to direct the film adaptation of Gus Krieger’s recently released audiobook ‘Superworld’, set in the world 2038, when everyone on the planet has superpowers, except one man, the novel’s main character, Ignatius Lohman.  Bateman will also produce via his Aggregate Films production company.

It wasn’t stated whether or not Bateman planned to star, but it seems likely, as he has starred in most other projects he has directed, which includes the films ‘Bad Words’ and ‘The Family Fang’, and episodes of ‘Arrested Development’, ‘The Outsider’, and ‘Ozark’.  He is also slated to direct ‘Here Comes the Flood’, a heist movie written by Simon Kinberg, for Netflix, and a horror movie, ‘Shut In’.

Here is the description of ‘Superworld’, via Audible:

Earth, 2038. Every single man, woman, and child on the planet has a unique gift: an extraordinary, superhuman ability.

All except one.

And he may be civilization’s only hope.


Ignatius Lohman longs to make his mark, to be someone. But in a world populated entirely by superpowered beings, he’s nothing but a powerless white-collar civilian. Iggy’s plight is not helped by the fact that his father, General Lancelot Lohman of the defense agency PEERLESS, is one of the most powerful men on the planet.

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Iggy finds himself in the crosshairs of Erle P. Van Owen, a megalomaniacal corporate overlord with the astonishing ability to neutralize any superpower.

Van Owen is seemingly invincible. But he didn’t count on this: If he can effortlessly defeat anyone with superhuman abilities, how will he fare against the one person with no powers at all?

Teaming up with his father and their PEERLESS allies, Iggy must find a way to save the United Nations of Earth. And maybe, with a bit of luck, find himself along the way.

‘Superworld’ has been compared to ‘The Incredibles’.

Mark Perez will adapt the book into a screenplay.  He previously wrote the comedy ‘Game Night’ in which Bateman starred.  That became a sleeper hit in early 2018.  Among his prior credits are ‘Accepted’, ‘Back Nine’, ‘Herbie Fully Loaded’, and ‘The Country Bears’.

No studio was mentioned.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter