Being stuck at home with nothing to do can be a drag especially when you can’t go outside or see your friends. You’ve already binge-watched your favorite shows three times and you already reorganized your closet four times. You tried cutting your own hair and baking your own bread while trying to keep yourself entertained during these times.

Sometimes it seems like there is nothing to do but eat or sleep while hanging out with the same people every day. There is only so much you can do when you must stay at home and keep your distance from society. Instead of looking out the window and feeling bad for yourself, pull out your phone or go to your computer and check out this list of online games that will add a little shake-up to your day.

There are a variety of genres for these sci-fi based games that you can choose form for players of all kinds. There are puzzle games, shooter games, defense games and fighting games available for you to play and keep your mind off today’s current events. Don’t worry if you’re not a professional gamer because we have games of varying difficulty and genres. Maybe you want to unwind with a relaxing puzzle game where you can match together spaceships and aliens. Or maybe you want to take out your frustrations in an io game shooter game against evil robots. There is something for everyone in this list of our top 10 sci-fi themed online games:

1. Space Hunting
Space Hunting is a math-based shooter game where you blast your way through space. Collect material around you to repair your ship and travel as far as you can!

Space Hunter action shot

2. The Final Earth 2
This strategy game will have you playing God as you create a world that you can watch flourish. Creating mining and logging factories, towns, and even entertainment facilities as your population grows in The Final Earth 2.

3. Rocket Road
This is a fun runner game where your objective is to fly down the path and hit whatever color is being pointed at. Go through turns and twists as the arrow switches it up to keep this game challenging.

4. Aegis One
Aegis One is a tower-defense style shooter game where your objective is to protect your colony from invading spaceships. Upgrade your weapons as you create an impenetrable base against any asteroids or enemies.

5. Space Flippr
This is a fun platform game where your objective is to grab an ID card to get out of this dungeon. Use the power of gravity to walk across ceilings and help this spaceman out of this dangerous space cave!

6. Joint’d

Joint’d is a unique puzzle game where your goal is to unravel the tangled stars. This is a simple looking game but can be quite challenging with every new level.

7. Robo Battle
Robo Battle is an action game where your job is to battle against other robots who are trying to keep you captive. Pass every level by avoiding traps, obstacles, and destroying the robo-soldiers sent to destroy you.

8. Space Rescue
Space Rescue is a brainteaser puzzle game where you must figure out the best path for an astronaut to arrive at his destination safely.

9. Space Escape
Space Escape is a clicker game where you help guide an adventurous cadet with a jetpack as he travels through a space base. Avoid trap doors and running out of fuel in this action-packed online game.

10. Total Recoil
Total Recoil is a game about the fight against the robot evolution. Shoot and destroy robots that come from either direction to pass each wave and win the war.