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The creator of the classic ’90s FOX animated series ‘X-Men’, Eric Lewald, reports that something related to that cartoon is coming up, but he can’t say what just yet.  He and his wife Julia, who wrote two episodes of ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’– “Days of Future Past – Part 1” and “Whatever It Takes”– shared the following message via their shared Twitter account:

First thing’s first, Lewald stresses that there isn’t going to be a new season of the cartoon, so that’s disappointing.  In June, ‘X-Men:TAS’ artist Larry Houston reported that he and some other individuals were working on a pitch to Disney+ to revive the show, but it doesn’t look like that is happening.  It also isn’t clear at this point whether what Lewald is working on is the same thing as what Houston was.

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ComicBook.com speculates that the news could be that ‘The Animated Series’ will continue in comic book form.  But that has already been done with ‘X-Men ’92’, which began publication in 2015 and wrapped up in 2017.

However, one of that comic’s writers, Chris Sims later stated that ‘X-Men ’92’ didn’t necessarily take place in the same continuity of ‘The Animated Series’.  Even so, this is still very close to a comic book continuation of the show and as such, it’s already been done.


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It’s possible (and this is also just speculation) that Lewald is developing a spin-off cartoon that doesn’t showcase the entire X-Men team, but maybe one member, or even a villain or guest-star, or small grouping of characters.

It’s also possible that they could be cooking up a movie or special.  That would be great because if it proves successful, that could lead to a revival of the show.

‘X-Men’ originally aired on FOX Kids from 1992-97 and was one of the network’s highest-rated kids shows.  Though it was originally aired as simpy ‘X-Men’, it is more commonly known as ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ to differentiate it from the movies, comics, and other media.

The series is now available to stream on Disney+.

Any guesses on what this mystery ‘X-Men’-adjacent project could be?