Will Yun Lee

The original Takeshi Kovacs, Will Yun Lee, will be back for Season 2 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi series ‘Altered Carbon’.  In this body-jumping thriller, a person’s consciousness can be transferred from one body (or “sleeve”) to another, through the use of data discs called “stacks.”  Lee’s character, Takeshi Kovacs was part of a rebel uprising, and he was the only survivor.  In Season 1, his stack was implanted into a sleeve played by Joel Kinneman, but Lee appeared in flashbacks.  In Season 2, the “main” Kovacs will be played by Anthony MackiePresumably, Lee will continue to play the original in flashbacks, but Deadline reports that his role in the new season is “under wraps,” which implies there’s more to the story than that.

Based on the novels by Richard K. Morgan, ‘Altered Carbon’ takes place 360 years in the future.  When Kovacs is revived, it was 250 years after his squadron, the Envoys were destroyed.  He was revived by the wealthy Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) who enlists Kovacs to find out who attempted to kill him.


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With Kovacs’ mind now in the body of Anthony Mackie, the new season will focus on an all-new mystery.  If it follows the second book in Morgan’s series, ‘Broken Angel’, this journey will also take place on a different planet.

Alison Schapker acts as showrunner of Season 2, taking over from Laeta Kalogridis, who is credited with creating the show and acted as showrunner for Season 1.  Kalogridis remains credited as an executive producer.

On top of ‘Altered Carbon’, Lee stars on the ABC drama series ‘The Good Doctor’ as Dr. Alex Park.  He has also co-starred on USA’s ‘Falling Water’, and ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and also stars in the ‘Rogue Warfare’ action movie franchise.  The first picture was released digitally on October 4 of this year, followed by ‘Rogue Warfare 2: The Hunt’ on December 2.  ‘Rogue Warfare 3: Death of a Nation’ is scheduled for release on February 3, 2020.

Netflix hasn’t announced when ‘Altered Carbon’ will return.  The streaming service also has an ‘Altered Carbon’ anime series in the works.