NBC Orders A Pilot Script For 'Fallback'

NBC has ordered a script for a sci-fi thriller called ‘Fallback’ from the creators of ‘Blindspot’, Martin Gero and Brendan Gall with penalty, meaning that if they don’t pick up the show, its creators will still get paid.  The project originates from Gero’s Quinn’s House Productions and NBC Television, where the production studio is set up.  ‘Fallback’ is said to be a one-hour sci-fi thriller which will reportedly focus on “an-off-the books task force that solves the most difficult and dangerous crimes through a top-secret government program.”

Gero and Gall will co-write the script and serve as executive producers.

Quinn’s House Productions has been busy delivering scripts for a number of new series to various networks.  For The CW, the production studio crafted: ‘Midnighters’ based on Scott Westerfield’s book series, with Chris Pozzebon attached to produce; and a reboot of ‘Kung Fu’ with Christina M. Kim and Berlanti Prods.  For FOX, Quinn’s House has crafted a script for ‘The Service’ a drama from writer Drew Lindo, also ordered with penalty; and for ABC, there is an hour-long drama written by writer Justin Britt-Gibson.

Not much is known about most of these shows, but ‘Midnighters’ is another teen-based supernatural series.  This is its description (via Deadline):

“On their 29th birthday, an estranged brother and sister discover they’re Midnighters, a chosen few born at the stroke of midnight, with access to a magical 25th hour each day that their kind can use to dramatic, comedic and poignant advantage. Ultimately, they learn their destiny is to protect the world from an ancient evil that has been trapped inside the 25th hour for centuries and is about to break free.”

This is just the latest take on ‘Midnighters’ which was in development for The WB/CW in 2005, then at NBC for the 2009-10 season, and then at FOX for 2012-13.

Check back for updates on these new projects as we move into pilot season in early 2020.


Source: Deadline