Grand Turismo looks like the Batmobile
Grand Turismo @thegranturismo

The Batmobile may be one of the most versatile comic book vehicles of all time. Over several decades Batman’s primary mode of transportation has undergone redesigns ranging from realistic and simplistic to insanely gaudy. I’m looking at you, Simon Bisley! Regardless of one’s style preference, it’s common for all of us to look at everyday cars and imagine if they can be modded to be our crime-fighting conveyances.

There are many sports cars, both exotic and domestic, that share some similarities to Batman’s ever-evolving Batmobile. Few of those, however, hit all the high marks quite like Lamborghini’s newest ride: the Vision Gran Turismo. The luxury speedster was spotted by ScreenRant this week, but make no mistake, this vehicle is in no way officially connected to DC Comics, but come on! Look at that thing! It’s beautiful! All of humanity’s achievements have been leading up to this!

The sleek piece of art was unveiled on Gran Turismo’s official Twitter. The debut was made in Monte Carlo, Monaco, as a high point coinciding with the  Gran Turismo Championships’ World Finals. The Vision GT was, in fact, the outcome of a project sprouted by Gran Turismo’s founder, Kazunori Yamauchi, in 2013. He asked the automakers of the world a simple question:

“Would you design your rendition of the ideal GT for us?”

Since then, several auto manufacturers came up with ideas that were eventually introduced into the long-running game franchise. Most of them can be seen here. Sadly, the page has not been updated in some time. Even Lamborghini’s entry is absent. Though the page may be outdated, there are a few designs that could also pass for a new rendition of the Batmobile. My personal favorite, outside of the Lambo, is the Alpine Vision GT.

When Lamborghini’s Vision Gran Turismo will be available on the market or a timeframe for its appearance in the Gran Turismo game has not been made public yet. Let us know your thoughts on the design and what is your favorite Batmobile!