Black Adam

While we all know ‘Black Adam’ has evolved into an antihero in the comics, the character was originally a villain, and Dwayne Johnson has confirmed the character which he’ll be playing will also start that way in the movie. This comes hot on the heels of producer Hiram Garcia stating the character will go “through a journey. He was created as a villain. And through the love of the fans and through some great writers and storytellers, he evolved into an antihero.”


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According to Johnson:

“Black Adam, how he starts, he starts off as a villain. Then, he becomes an anti-hero. And then he might become a hero or he might not.”

The actor wouldn’t go on to confirm any other aspects of the character. However, Garcia would go on to say:

“Those are things that we love about him because he’s complicated. He’s not just justice for all. And he’s not just a villain. This is a guy who’s complex, who’s had many things happen to him and that all shows in his actions. So this a guy who’s going through a journey. He will find himself, but where it goes, you guys will have to find out. But believe me, we know as a huge fan myself, this is a guy who is complicated and vicious”

I suspect that ‘Black Adam’ won’t quite be a redemption arc, but one where we’ll see Johnson’s character will follow his “moral compass, as skewed as it may be” to become something closer to the current comic book version.

Are you looking forward to ‘Black Adam’ moving into production? Is having him start as a villain the perfect way to give us the character? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Heroic Hollywood