Brandon Thwaites will suit up as Nightwing
DC Universe

At long last!  Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is about to don the costume of Nightwing on ‘Titans’, and the suit has been revealed!  Unfortunately, it’s just on a mannequin, but hey, it gives an idea of what to expect.

Let’s get right to it.  This video was shared by Entertainment Weekly writer Sydney Bucksbaum via Twitter:

And here is a closer look at the suit.  (Holy Codpiece, Batman!)

DC Universe

Of course, the comic book version of Dick Grayson is known for a certain other physical attribute.  Don’t worry, has you covered there:

Photo: Scott Huver/

(Nightwing might have the shapeliest tush in the comics, but he’s got some serious competition from the often naked Superboy on the TV show!)

Speaking to, Thwaites said:

“It’s easier to move in, it’s more flexible, it’s more imposing, and I think that adds to the kind of the feeling that I have when I put it on, which transforms to my character, which is assuming his confidence, and leadership, and strengths. It feels imposing, and that’s all I could ask for from a suit.


“I find the Nightwing costume is easier to get into character, for sure. The Robin one, maybe because there was so many pieces, so many elements of it, you kind of get covered up too much emotionally. I don’t know if that’s … Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe we should try and analyze this, but the Nightwing costume, although it does cover me up, it feels quite revealing, and I think that’s a good thing for Dick Grayson in that point of the story is that he’s found who he is and he’s revealing himself to people.”

At the unveiling of the new suit, showrunner Greg Walker explained the long build-up to Dick becoming Nightwing:

“It’s such a big deal, becoming [Nightwing], and we didn’t just want him to show up in the suit.  It had to be a representation of where he evolved as a character over the course of those two seasons… Where we meet him in Episode 1 of the show is, he’s in exile from his dysfunctional relationship with Bruce Wayne [Iain Glen].  He’s really ambivalent about being Robin at all. At one point he burns the suit. So he has a real complicated relationship with the suit… We always felt that he needed to go on Season 2 as this kind of journey of recognizing what mistakes he made in the past, assessing himself, trying to figure out his relationship with Bruce, and then evolving past Robin. Because if he’s not Robin anymore, then who he is?”

Costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, who also designed the suits for the ‘Doom Patrol‘, ‘Stargirl, and Amazon’s ‘The Boys‘ said that it took about a year and a half from the initial design to reality.  She added:

“I want there to be a visceral response to this character.  I want people to poop their pants.”

Hopefully, now that Dick has a new costume and super identity, that means the rest of the Titans will also spend more time in uniform.  It’s ridiculous how often they go stomping off into battle in their civilian clothes.  Hawk & Dove don’t even have powers in this version, so they need their suits, but hardly ever wear them.  And so far, Gar, Rachel, and Kory don’t even really have costumes.  Hopefully, that’s next on the to-do list.

What do you think of the Nightwing costume?  Is it everything you hoped it would be?