Since Season One of the DC universe web series ‘Titans’, comic readers have been anticipating Starfire’s storyline to unravel as her origins have been one of the biggest mysteries of the series. Season Two has begun to delve deeper into the backstory of all of the members of the titular superhero team, including Starfire, who is of royal blood on her home planet. The second episode of the new season introduced her former bodyguard and lover who had been sent to Earth to bring her back home.

Her decision to stay on Earth with the Titans clearly has been met with disapproval from her family, especially from her sister Blackfire, who made her villainous debut in the most recent episode.

(Photo: DC Universe)  Blackfire’s Hologram

A villian in the comics, Blackfire has taken over the throne since her sister failed to return home. Shortly after this is information is shared with Starfire, Faddei (Starfire’s Tamaranean lover and bodygaurd) is possessed by some strange force; he is later revealed to be under the influence of Blackfire. Once Starfire figures out that Blackfire is controlling Faddei, she is forced into a mercy killing to free him. Blackfire reveals herself in a hologram and delivers some terrifying news to Starfire: how she claimed the throne for herself by murdering their parents in cold blood.

Most fans assumed that Blackfire would be coming to ‘Titans’ at some point this season and what her role would be in the series. During her ‘Titans’ debut, Blackfire talks of the resentment she had of being the less favored child, while Starfire was the one destined to rule. Blackfire decided that she needed to get rid of her parents as they were a part of the problem if she were to rule. She then tells her sister, “I have my own family now. One that loves me. Just me.” The exchange ends with Starfire declaring revenge on her sister and Blackfire welcoming the threats.

With the conversation ending the way that it did, it is obvious that this is not the last we’ll see of Blackfire!