The Boulet Brothers Dragula

Evah has more lives than body hair. Hollow is dead in an alley.

While the Boulets perform surgery on themselves, Dollya and Landon argue about Hollow’s message, and whether or not they were justified in taking critique personally. Landon seems to read the room as being anti-Hollow and stands up for them, but ultimately her and Dollya end up saying the same thing: that Hollow couldn’t separate critique from message, but that their message was an important one. All agree that Hollow’s inclusion was vital to drag’s evolution, which is certainly true no matter how you felt about their aggressive execution.

Louisianna sums up the moral here: taking critique and moving forward is key to winning this competition.

This episode’s challenge will make you sick: a photo shoot with Alternative Press, on location at an abandoned hospital. I’m a fan of challenges that take place elsewhere, as it forces the contestants to adapt to lighting and environmental circumstances.

We get a glimpse of the Boulets in an issue of AP, which is the most insight into the pair I’ve seen on the show. “Seedlings are allowed to grow any way they choose,” is a quote that hits home for Louisianna, who grew up in the South. At 16, she fell ill with Lyme disease. Prior to diagnosis, her mother said, “If you have AIDS, when we get home you’re getting the fuck out of this house.” Louisianna didn’t find her community in Austin until she was 36.

TV Review: Dragula (Season 3, Episode 6)

The floor show/photo shoot is a disease-ridden display. Priscilla, coming off her win last episode, combines Eraserhead with Mad Cow disease. Landon is doing green spatter Reanimator. Dollya’s look might’ve come off as simplistic, but her leech-arm and contortions make it work. Louisianna is a demented candy striper, seen burning plush rabbits with a lighter.

PVC Boulet Brothers are my favorite. They’ve brought Milly Shapiro from Hereditary (tongue click!) as a judge! Despite her tiny self, Shapiro reads Evah on her inaccurate blood spatter. It’s great.

TV Review: Dragula (Season 3, Episode 6)

The Boulets clarify that no one is “safe” from here out—it’s all about Strong vs. Weak. The strong are Louisianna, Landon, and Dollya (despite her purple boxers peeking out from under her hospital gown). Weakest are Maddelynn (confusing story), Evah (meh), and Priscilla, who we need to discuss. Turns out the calf prop she dances with is an actual embalmed calf! Whatever your opinion is on this uncomfortable choice, the judge’s critique that the calf upstaged Priscilla is on point.

TV Review: Dragula (Season 3, Episode 6)

And speaking of uncomfortable, the extermination challenge is a giant game of Operation, complete with body parts to be removed. To illustrate how “real” Dragula can be, when the Boulets first reveal the game, they say “you’ll dissect a cadaver,” and my heart skipped a beat. Because I wouldn’t put it past them at this point.

Evah survives judgment, so the other two Uglies are fitted with shock collars (and over Maddelynn’s wig, which seems unfair compared to Priscilla’s skull), and just like the board game, a shock is induced when the sides are touched (6k volts, according to the Boulets). Priscilla gains advantage early, removing a few bits before receiving shockage. Maddy’s less successful. Line of the night goes to Priscilla, who exclaims, “Can I just lip sync for my life?”

TV Review: Dragula (Season 3, Episode 6)

Cut to Maddelynn waking up in a speeding SUV. No back rolls here, just heads, as Maddelynn’s noggin ends up in a ditch courtesy of a tree. Keep your head inside the car, girls.

Strong episode, especially due to Louisianna’s heartbreaking story. The looks didn’t top the garbage theme, but overall a calm and driven episode. Good thing everyone’s getting along, yes? Surely this peace will last…

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