Roswell, New Mexico

At a panel on Sunday at New York Comic Con, the creators and cast of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ announced that two more cast members will be signing up for Season 2 of the show.

The first of the new cast members is Gaius Charles, who is best known for his time with ‘Friday Night Lights.’  It was revealed that he will be playing a farmer who always sees the good in people and aliens despite the prejudices of those around him.  Apparently, he’ll be finding that his moral compass will put him at odds with forces more powerful than he.


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The second new actor will be Jason Behr, who is best known for his work as Max Evans on the original ‘Roswell’ series from 1999.  The role he’ll be playing was not detailed.

‘Roswell’ Executive Producer Carina Adley MacKenzie stated:

“We’re very excited that Jason will be joining us for a multi-episode arc.  It’s only fitting that he’s playing a (currently top secret) character with deep ties to Roswell, New Mexico’s history. Working with him has already been such a special experience for all of us –– particularly when [‘Roswell’ costar] Shiri Appleby was on set to direct him. I was such a huge fan of ‘Roswell’ as a kid, so having their stamp of approval –– not to mention their expertise and advice –– has really meant the world to me, the cast, and the crew.”

The first season of ‘Roswell’ ended with the death of Max Evans (played by Nathan Dean Parsons) after he used his powers to resurrect Rosa (Amber Midthunder).  The premiere of the show’s second season hasn’t been announced yet, but it appears it will be part of The CW’s mid-season lineup.  Nothing came up in the panel about whether the new characters will somehow resurrect Max, but given that few main characters remain dead in any sci-fi or fantasy series, time will tell.


Source: Entertainment Weekly