The Disney+ November 2019 launch is creeping every closer and as expected, they’re touting all their best shows.  One interesting and unusual series that will be appearing on their schedule is ‘Marvel’s Hero Project.’  This heartwarming show is not quite what you might expect based on the title.  Rather than being another show based on comics, this one is about kids who do their best to make the world a better place.  Each show showcases these kids and their actions and ends with the kids seeing themselves drawn up in a comic book as superheroes in their own rights.  These comics will be available for the general public to read on Marvel Unimited.

The trailer for ‘Marvel’s Hero Project’ dropped a few days ago (see below), and Disney+ just released a clip from the show (see above) at their panel on the show at the New York Comic Con, to give a taste of what the rest of the series will offer.  The series is set to contain 20 episodes.

“Taking the story of a normal kid who is living their life and now having them face these hurdles.  That’s what we do. We find out what all these kids’ powers are.”

His words were echoed by another executive producer, Sana Amanat:

“There’s so much of what Marvel is, what it stands for. These kids are changing the world in simple ways. Doing great work, and not letting their age be a deterrent”

Disney+ has also provided an official synopsis for ‘Marvel’s Hero Project:’

“In ‘Marvel’s Hero Project,’ a new series streaming exclusively on Disney+ when it arrives on November 12, several extraordinary, inspiring kids got their time in the Super Hero spotlight for the work they’ve done in their communities across the country. Their causes are as diverse as they are, and on ‘Marvel’s Hero Project,’ Marvel comic editors found a way to tell their stories. In every episode, each outstanding kid will be surprised to find out that they’ve been immortalized in a Marvel Comic — which will be available for free in Marvel Unlimited and the Marvel Digital Comics Store! — as a brand new Super Hero, putting them among the ranks of the Marvel heroes they love.  ‘Marvel’s Hero Project set out to prove that it doesn’t take an iron suit, super strength, or a mythical hammer to be a hero — just seeing a problem and having the passion to solve it in a creative way is what made these kids heroes. And now you will be able to see their stories and be inspired by them.”

Watch for ‘Marvel’s Hero Project ‘starting on November 12th.


Source: Marvel