Finn Wolfhard Explains The De-Aging Process In 'IT CHAPTER 2'

When ‘IT CHAPTER TWO’ was released, the kids from Derry returned home 27 years after the events of ‘IT’ to confront Pennywise the Dancing Clown once again. The movie features an ensemble cast of adults as well as the return of the kids who formed the Losers Club from the first film, which includes ‘Stranger Things’ star, Finn Wolfhard, who plays Richie Tozier. 


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Scenes in ‘IT CHAPTER 2’ featuring the kids take place during the same time as the first movie, which means many of the young actors needed to be de-aged for consistency. Wolfhard recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to about the process which the director’s sister, Barbara Muschietti, explained to him.

He clarified, “They did de-age us with CGI, which is already crazy, but I didn’t do any scenes where they put dots on me. They must have done it with no dots. Barbara Muschietti, who’s Andy’s [Muschietti] amazing sister and main producer, was describing how they basically softened the face. They soften your features until you look the way you did. I thought that was interesting, and it looked pretty cool.”

Wolfhard went on to explain how this process differed from filming ‘Stranger Things’.

 “With ‘Stranger Things’, it’s kind of a ‘Harry Potter’ effect where it takes place every year, and you’re checking in with these characters. This one was very different because it takes place over flashbacks, and it’s a very specific time that we’ve seen already. Andy, who’s a visual artist and illustrator, really saw that in his head; it drove him crazy if we looked older.”

Finn Wolfhard Explains The De-Aging Process In 'IT CHAPTER 2'
Photo of Finn Wolfhard trying on an old costume from ‘IT’ (2017)

He also explained other processes that went along with different features that had changed for not only, but also his returning castmates. 

“Some of it I ADR-ed, and they just pitched it up,” Wolfhard explained of the difference in his voice. “They didn’t have to pitch Jaeden [Martell], Sophia [Lillis] or Chosen’s [Jacobs] voice up. They might’ve done Chosen’s a little bit. Jack [Dylan Grazer] is way taller, and his voice is way deeper; Jeremy [Ray Taylor] also. His face has completely changed. All of us did a full body scan, essentially, and that’s how they did that VFX stuff.”

‘IT CHAPTER 2’  hits theaters on September 26th. Will you be watching? Let us know in the comments!

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