Gemini Man

Will Smith is starring in the new sci-fi action thriller ‘Gemini Man’ as Henry Brogan, an aged expert assassin being targeted by a young mysterious, gifted killer who always seems to outmaneuver him on every occassion. The killer that seems to continuously best Smith’s character is in actuality a younger clone of himself. The new ‘Gemini Man’ clip below exhibits the danger and competence displayed by this murderous clone– particularly with a motorcycle.


Due to the fast-paced nature of the scene in the clip, the visual effects work being done to create a younger Will Smith are not showcased. What is shown in this intense clip, however, is the bad-ass action scenes directed by Ang Lee that will permeate throughout the film. While the thought of using a motorcycle as a weapon sounds, in all honesty, laughable, it was also impressive to see in this setting. 


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Lee recently spoke about the motorcycle scenes in the film and his usage of a high frame rate to give audiences something they hopefully haven’t seen before:

“Motorcycles, for example, motorcycles in a 2D movie is so strobe-y, the way to pump your energy is to do horizontal speed. So you have the speed and quick cuts. People get used to that. But now you see the performance. You don’t see the strobes, it doesn’t look that fast, what do you do?…So I think that’s a new kind of filmmaking and also this kind of a staging in and out of the perspective. First person, third person kind of exchange. It’s a different kind of language and involvement for both filmmaker and the viewer.”

I think it was kind of obvious that this scene wasn’t realistic as Smith was getting hit with a motorcycle numerous times which makes me wonder whether most of the film will be similar in this aspect. However, I am hoping that these small clips are being released so that the movie’s marketing isn’t giving away all the best parts of the film.

Gemini Man also stars Clive Owen as the young clone’s creator, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Henry Brogan’s partner, and Benedict Wong. The film is directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ang Lee and produced by prominent producers Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger.

‘Gemini Man’ is set to hit theaters on October 11th.


Source: Slash Film