Spider-Man Writer Is Shocked That More Fans Are Rooting For Marvel Over Sony

It looks like one of the writers of ‘Spider-Man’ is completely surprised that fans are rooting for Marvel Studios to get the rights for The Wallcrawler back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe over Sony Pictures further developing the character. Now, it should be noted that this particular writer is David Koepp (‘Jurassic Park’,’Mission: Impossible’) who was responsible for the 2002 Tobey Maguire version of the character. While Koepp put together one of the fan-favorite stories of Spider-Man, the idea that we wouldn’t want to see more of Parker as part of the MCU really makes him feel a bit out of touch as to what has been going on in the films these days.

According to Koepp:

“I’ve read a few articles about it, yes. I understand both sides. Disney wants what it wants, and obviously, it’s used to acquiring and controlling. But I understand Sony’s point of view better: ‘But wait, it’s ours. We own it. You can’t just have half of it. You can’t just take it.’ So it’s a tough situation. And I think certainly the last couple of Spider-Man movies have been terrific. But the animated film that they did without Disney’s involvement was, you know, even more terrific. What’s weird to me is those Marvel movie fans who are quick to spring to Disney’s defense like they’re a plucky underdog who needs to be defended. [laughs] They are not a plucky underdog.”

I’m pretty sure every fan defending Marvel Studios doesn’t think that they or Disney could even remotely be considered an underdog. The general thought is that fans want the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man to remain in the MCU that was started in 2008 with ‘Iron Man’ and saw the character introduced in the 2016 release of ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ We’ve seen Holland’s character, plot, and suit all be developed from his direct attachment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seeing him taken out now just feels like it will be jarring for the future of Peter Parker.

Do you agree with David Koepp that fans should be rooting for Sony Pictures in this situation? Would you rather see Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU or in the new franchise which they’ve created that was kicked off with ‘Venom’? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!


Source: Cinema Blend