It doesn’t seem as if a month can go by without a new Stephen King movie being announced and the latest news sees his short story ‘The Jaunt’ to be released as a feature film! While some of his short stories such as ‘Gramma‘ still haven’t seen the light of day, this one will probably be a solid release. At the very least Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company which picked up the rights has been successful at getting their films out.

‘The Jaunt’ was originally released in 1981 through the Twilight Zone Magazine but didn’t really get much notice until it was re-released in 1985 in his ‘Skeleton Crew’ collection. The story was also eventually released as a stand alone novella. In the story, we get a bit of science fiction as it is about teleportation travel in the 24th century. ‘The Jaunt’ actually refers to the method of travel which is called Jaunting and in the story, it is used to teleport a family that is heading to Mars. In order to jaunt somewhere,  the human mind has to be under anesthesia. If it isn’t, the Jaunter will suffer horrible things such as brain implosion or being trapped awake forever as your body is asleep.

Sounds a bit risky to be truly worth the price of the speed of this form of travel. I’m curious, though, on what they’ll be doing to stretch this into a full length feature film. This clearly isn’t the first of his short stories to get a full movie but it seems they’ll be adding quite a bit to extend it out properly.

The film currently has Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti helming the film. The pair is best known for their work on the 2013 film ‘Mama’ so know how to deliver a creepy vibe. While the movie isn’t attached to a studio quite yet, the producers have a first-look deal set with New Regency and RatPac Entertainment. I suspect that they will probably snag the rights when it gets to that point with Pitt’s company involved.

Are you looking forward to another Stephen King film being taken to the big screen? Is ‘The Jaunt’ sounding like something you’d want to check out? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Dread Central