Holiday Weekend Box Office

All studios are steering clear of next weekend’s ‘It: Chapter Two’ so no major films opened this weekend.  The Labor Day holiday is hardly an excuse to sit the frame out, as viewers turned out on previous, similar holidays like 4th of July, when ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ made over half-a-billion dollars worldwide, and Memorial Day, when ‘Aladdin’ conjured up $110.9M over four days, Disney’s best Memorial Day Weekend opening since 2007.

Instead, the multiplex was a ghost town, with the #1 movie being the holdover ‘Angel Has Fallen’, which only made $11.6M over three days and is projected to make $14.5 over four, both paltry figures.  On a more competitive weekend, this figure might not have been enough to make the Top Five, but this weekend, it was good enough to come out on top.

Universal’s ‘Good Boys’ will make $9.2M over three days and $11.6M over four.  Its running total of $58M will soon surpass the gross of the studio’s 2018 comedy hit ‘Blockers’ which topped out at $60M.

‘The Lion King’ is still chugging along with $6.7M/$9.2M, while ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ made $6.3M/$8M, and Sony’s faith-based ‘Overcomer’ rounded out the Top Five, with $5.7M/$7.86M.

This weekend’s one new release, the thriller ‘Don’t Let Go’ is a flop, making just $3M, and landing with a thud at #13.  It’s one saving grace is that it is another micro-budget entry from Blumhouse, so it didn’t cost that much to make.


  1. Angel Has Fallen (Millennium/Lionsgate) – $11.6M (3-Day)/$14.5M (4-Day)
  2. Good Boys (Universal) – $9.2M/$11.6M
  3. The Lion King (Disney) – $6.7M/$9.2M
  4. Hobbs & Shaw (Universal) – $6.3M/8M
  5. Overcomer (Sony) – $5.7M/$7.86M

As stated, next week sees the release of ‘It: Chapter Two’, which should be massive.  ‘Chapter One’ is the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, having earned $700M at the global box office.  Will the second installment prove as successful?  Guess we’ll find out next weekend!


Source: Deadline