It’s not all about action and adventure on Disney+.  A new trailer has been released for what may become a new family holiday tradition, an original film called ‘Noelle’, starring Anna Kendrick as Noelle Kingle, the daughter of Santa Claus, who must coach her unwilling brother, Nick (Bill Hader) on how to replace Santa in the family business.  But when Nick is overwhelmed, Noelle encourages him to take the weekend off.  Unfortunately, Nick turns that weekend into an extended vacation which threatens to ruin Christmas for the entire world.  Noelle must journey to the US to locate him.

Marc Lawrence (‘Miss Congeniality’) directed.  The cast also includes Billy Eichner (‘The Lion King’) as tech wiz Gabriel, who plans to innovate the present delivery system, and Shirley MacLaine as an elf named Polly that accompanies Noelle on her mission.

Check out the new trailer below:

(NOTE: The caption reads, “It isn’t Christmas without Santa’s sister.”  Presumably, they are referring to Hader as Santa, as it is clear that the “real” Santa Claus is their father.)

In attendance at D23, Eichner referred to his steady roles with Disney:

“I basically do the same thing every time and everybody likes it so I keep doing it.  I’m sorry I’m not Bill Hader, but he had other commitments.”

Here is a look at the film’s poster:


Waaaay back in 1994, Disney released ‘The Santa Clause’, starring Tim Allen as a divorced dad who accidentally causes Santa Claus to die (wow, that’s pretty dark for a Disney movie!) and as a result must become the new Santa to replace him.  The film basically followed his bumbling through the process of figuring out the job.  ‘The Santa Clause’ became an instant holiday classic, and eventually spawned two sequels.

Could it be time for a new Disney holiday tradition?

‘Noelle’ will be available the day that Disney+ launches on November 12.


Source: Entertainment Weekly