Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie are starring in the new sci-fi movie ‘SYNCHRONIC’, portraying two New Orleans paramedics who “encounter a series of horrific deaths linked to a designer drug and whose friendship and families are ripped apart by the mysterious pill’s bizarre effects.”  The film comes from co-directors Justin Benson (who also wrote the screenplay) and Aaron Moore, who delivered last year’s acclaimed UFO cult thriller ‘The Endless’.  Prior to that, they also co-helmed 2012’s ‘Resolution’, 2014’s ‘Spring’, as well as the “Bonestorm” segment of the horror anthology ‘V/H/S: Viral’.

Both ‘The Endless’ and ‘Resolution’ incorporated a form of red marijuana, and rumor has it that ‘SYNCHRONIC’ will as well.

In addition to supplying Entertainment Weekly with the first look photo above, Benson and Moorehead also stated, via email:

“In a movie with a lot of mysteries to be solved, Anthony and Jamie gave two heartbreaking, funny, beautifully human performances that keep it all feeling natural.  And they were lovely to work with throughout, which for two indie film directors stepping into a larger puzzle-box of a movie and trying to keep it personal, frightening, and exciting, was a wonderful gift.”

In September, while speaking to Deadline, the directing duo raved:

“Being huge fans of the nuanced, brilliant work of Anthony and Jamie, this is a filmmaker’s wildest dream come true. They each possess an extraordinary depth of personal experiences, humor, and pathos that brings a massive wellspring of humanity to the battle-scarred partnership being portrayed. We’ve found the perfect collaborators to tell a bold, frightening, heartstring-tugging story.”

The film wrapped in January and Moore marked the occasion by sharing this photo of the cast and crew:


‘SYNCHRONIC’ doesn’t yet have a release date scheduled.

Have you seen Benson and Moore’s earlier horror films?  How do you think they will handle a bigger-budget project like this?