Todd McFarlane May Turn To Crowdsourcing To Raise The Money To Make 'Spawn'

Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’ movie seems to have hit a little bit of a financial snag, and the comic book creator admits he might turn to crowdsourcing on Kickstarter or a similar site to raise the capital needed to complete the film.  He clarified that it isn’t an issue of finding financial backers, but the issue is that when they contribute a certain amount of money, they want a say in how the movie gets made.  McFarlane just wants to make a low-budget, R-rated, horror-adjacent movie, which he hopes to direct himself.  He’s never directed a movie but has helmed a few music videos for Pearl Jam, Korn, Disturbed and more.  Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner are attached to star as the lead character, Al Simmons and detective Twitch Williams, respectively.


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While appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, McFarlane disclosed:

“Lemme see if I can just go real quick: Spawn movie, right? When are you going to make a Spawn movie, when are you going into production? My answer is ‘Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday.’ …. I need $20 million to make this movie, I don’t have all of it. I have to ask people for money, and once you ask people for money, they get to have a say in it. Like I said, it’s a little bit of an uphill battle, because again, I just want to do this little dark ‘R’ movie, and they like those PG-13 success movies.


“Look I am relentless, I’m like a dog with a bone. I will get there, I promise you. I will get there. Because I will beat the system. Here’s what I’ll do: I’ll do it as a Kickstarter… and here’s the Kickstarter: I need 20 million people to give me a dollar. And I will make this movie, and when I get the money back I’ll return the dollar back to you. And you will be my producers… and all I’ll need is the distribution. That’s doable today. I don’t get why Ryan Gosling doesn’t do that for every one of his movies, ‘I need 20 million of you to give me a dollar,’ are you kidding, he’d have it in an hour and could go do his thing! But people in the system are beholden to it and they have obligations, and the guy on the outside, me, goes ‘I’m only going to give them so much time, and then I’m just going to come up with some crazy idea…  there’s people on the outside that want to give me money that aren’t in the system. But we’re going to get it done. I’m just trying to play nice, now, but I’m starting to lose my patience. But we’ll try; it’s going to get there one way or another, I promise you. I’m not going to let this one go.”

If the movie is done through Blumhouse Productions, which is what was originally announced, ‘Spawn’ would most likely be distributed through Universal, but that’s not be carved in stone.

Are you still looking forward to a ‘Spawn’ cinematic reboot?