In our second round of Cosplay Photos from San Diego Comic Con 2019, fans really showed off their ingenuity with the costumes they were sporting. From the Gunters of ‘Ready Player One,’ to a trio a X-Men ladies wearing uniforms from different eras and mediums of the franchise, to the Kylo Ren and Rey complete with lightsabers (who I really hope met up with the cool Han Solo and Imperial Officer cosplayers I saw), all the way to the group of Spider-Men, who stood outside the convention center posing for those in attendance, with one of them even showing off his real-life gymnastic abilities by doing flips in costume. Most creative for me had to be the guy who made a suit of Samurai armor out of Magic the Gathering Cards, another gentlemen dressed up as a Captain America Knight, the two ladies dressed as Bo-Peep and one of her sheep, and the guy who went all out and dressed up as LEGO Batman, his costume so large he had to be directed around the floor by his friends. Top pick of this batch for me was the guy who dressed up as the older Spider-Man from ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse,’ as his costume was complete with trench coat, sweatpants, and mismatched shoes, and he seemed to really enjoy playing the part. Runner up had to be the amazing Silver Silver costume, complete with a massive board which the guy had to carry around the convention. And honorable mention would go to the Steampunk Purple Darth Vader (always a favorite type of cosplay costume for me), and the lady who dressed up as one of the players from ‘A League of Their Own,’ as not only was her costume perfect, but it was also something you do not always see at the convention center.

Take a look at all the photos yourself, and let us know your favorites in the comments below!