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Neil Gaiman and Edith Bowman attend The World Premiere of Amazon Original Series, Good Omens, in Leicester Square ahead of its release on Prime Video this Friday. Photo by Scott Garfitt.

Every time you hear about Neil Gaiman, it is all good things but the author has shared that he was “less amiable” when working on ‘Good Omens.’ At the very least, he wasn’t quite so nice to anyone who tried to interfere with how he wanted to bring his novel to life on the small screen. When working on the Amazon series, Gaiman shares, “delivering the vision was the challenge.”

In 1990, Terry Pratchett and Gaiman released the novel and fans have been eating it up ever since. With Pratchett’s last request to his co-author that a live-action take be made, a lot was riding on making the show just right. The majority of fans and critics who have seen ‘Good Omens’ can testify that he delivered but getting there wasn’t always easy.


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Gaiman shares that he had a few problems when others who wanted to get involved in the production process:

“What was challenging was seeing it through. I am by nature a fairly amiable person, who likes getting on with people. Suddenly, I’d made myself showrunner in order to be able to deliver the vision that I wanted, and I had to be a great deal less amiable because I found there were people nibbling away at the vision.”

Much of this nibbling came from either funding or time constraints, and when he was pushed to cut a scene he wasn’t sure on, he would “mentally check in with the Terry Pratchett on my shoulder.” The two remained quite close over the years, and it was clear he knew what his friend would have fought to keep in the story.

Are you glad that Neil Gaiman fought for the ‘Good Omens’ which we were able to see on Amazon? Were there any scenes from the novel you missed not seeing on the small screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Digital Spy