Gary Dauberman Addresses The Possibility Of Spinoffs From The 'It' Movies

Stephen King’s ‘It’ is a dense novel, so the two adaptations have had to simplify and streamline its contents to make it manageable, but would you be interested in a deeper examination of the text in film format?  Gary Dauberman wrote the screenplay for the upcoming ‘It: Chapter Two’ which revisits the Derry Losers Club as adults, drawn back into the web of Pennywise, the horrific evil force that has haunted their town for ages, feeding on the fear of its citizens, specifically its children.  Dauberman recently directed his first film, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, and has contributed to the screenplays for the previous ‘Annabelle’ entries and ‘The Nun’, all of which were spinoffs of another popular horror brand, ‘The Conjuring’.  Will he bring his expertise with expanding a cinematic universe to the ‘It’ movies?


Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, Dauberman said:

“I’m sure there’s interest but I gotta say, we want to be respectful to the material of the book. I don’t think anybody’s over there, in fact I know there’s no one over there going ‘Hey, let’s definitely do this and we could tell this story of what happened at the beaver trapping camp,’ or whatever.


“While you could [tell that story], and I think it would be cool, I don’t think that’s what people are doing currently if that makes sense.  You know what I mean?


“So yes, to answer your question I think there is room to build on the mythology of It because It has been around from the beginning of time, but I don’t know if there are any plans for it.  I was just very happy to tackle the book.”

You never know, however.  ‘It: Chapter One’ is the highest-grossing horror movie of all time.  If ‘It: Chapter Two’ replicates that success, it’s hard to conceive of a Hollywood studio saying “Let’s stop while we’re ahead” or more likely, “Hey, maybe let’s not beat this into the ground.”  One saving grace is that a spinoff would probably have to go through King, and he would have the good sense to put a stop to things.

On the other hand, there is a reason that ‘It: Chapter One’ was so successful– it was THAT good!  If New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers can maintain that level of quality, why the heck not delve deeper into Derry’s dark history?

Let’smake this simple:


Would You Like To See Spinoffs From 'It'?


‘It: Chapter Two’ opens in theaters on September 6.