Robert Kirkman has wanted to take ‘The Walking Dead‘ and expand it into other areas of the world for quite some time and now New York Times Bestselling author Wesley Chu (‘The Lives of Tao’,’Time Salvager’) is helping that happen in ‘The Walking Dead: Typhoon.’ This new book will take readers to China. We’ve previously seen hints at how the rest of the world is fairing with ‘The Walking Dead: The Alien‘ taking place in Spain while Mexico was overrun in ‘Fear the Walking Dead‘ and France was mentioned at the end of the first season of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead.’

This is the first time we’ll be seeing how China dealt with being infected with artwork by Jasper Shaw and designs by Andres Juarez

As to what we can expect from the book? Here’s the official description:

It has been months since the dead rose up across China. In the most populous country on the planet, the cities are all but lost, small villages reduced to ash.

Zhu and Elena are members of a Wind Team, responsible for scavenging supplies and materials needed to sustain their settlement: the Beacon of Light. Elena, stranded in China during the walker outbreak, longs for news of her Texas home as she tries to adapt to life in a foreign culture while surviving the millions of dead roaming the countryside. But when Zhu discovers survivors from his home village hiding in the wilderness, he is torn between his love for Elena, his duty to the Beacon, and his devotion to his friends and family.

Meanwhile, Hengyen, the grizzled master of the Beacon’s security, discovers the largest group of walkers ever seen: a 1,000,000-strong typhoon that is bearing down on the Beacon. He must lead all of the survivors into the biggest battle of their lives, or humanity will be wiped out for good.

Clashing ideals become raging confrontations as these characters fight for refuge from each other and innumerable walkers in a new and thrilling adventure for Walking Dead fans everywhere.

Seeing more of how the world responds to the undead is something I’m sure every fan of the franchise is looking forward to.

If you feel that more of a preview is needed before picking up the title, Skybound Books has 22-pages available in preview form that you can read right here!

Are you looking forward to reading ‘The Walking Dead: Typhoon’? What do you hope the book will cover that we haven’t seen before? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘ The Walking Dead: Typhoon’ will infect your local bookstore on October 1st, 2019!


Source: Comic Book