Netflix's New Horror Movie The Perfection

Horror fans have different tastes.  Some like more supernatural terrors.  Others prefer stuff that’s grounded in reality.  For some, the more gore the better, while others prefer more psychological frights.  If you are among those that want the grossest, sickest visuals you can get, Netflix’s new release, ‘The Perfection’ might be for you, as some viewers have reported that this picture actually made them want to throw up!  Some are also reporting headaches and nausea as a result of watching the 90-minute chill-fest.

What’s particularly ironic is that the film revolves around the oh-so-posh world of classical music, showcasing ‘Get Out’s Allison Williams and ‘Dear White People’s Logan Browning, as two cello prodigies who meet at an elite competition in China.  But after they embark on a trip across the Chinese countryside, a bunch of vomiting of maggots ensues, as does (EW!) diarrhea.  And it’s quite graphic as Lizzie, who took ibuprofen to calm a hangover, finds herself graphically spewing chunks– once again, crawling with MAGGOTS– all over the place.  Makes Linda Blair barfing up “pea soup” in ‘The Exorcist’ look quaint in comparison.

Check out some Twitter reactions:

Williams first gained notice for the HBO series ‘Girls’ before her chilling turn in ‘Get Out’.  And she seems happy to settle into the role of a scream queen, saying:

“The scripts I’ve read recently that have felt the most vital and relevant to today were in the horror genre… My parents have been saying, ‘When are we just going to be able to relax for one of your movies?’  I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen.”

If you haven’t yet experienced ‘The Perfection’, here is the trailer:


If you can stomach it, here is the bus vomit sequence:


‘The Perfection’ is now streaming on Netflix.


Source: The New York Post, ‘Elle’