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Ron Perlman (‘Pacific Rim’,’Sons of Anarchy’) had such an iconic take on ‘Hellboy‘ that fans everywhere would love to see him end up as another hero or villain in a film down the line. Unfortunately, that is a route which the actor isn’t interested in pursuing. If anything, we’ll be lucky to see him showing up again doing voice work for the ‘Teen Titans’ series as Slade Wilson. It isn’t that Perlman isn’t interested in taking one of these parts but growing up, he wasn’t into comics and isn’t familiar with the source material.

We know that David Harbour is taking his spot in the rebooted ‘Hellboy’ universe which could leave him open to play another hero but as Perlman has explained:

“Well, I’m not much of a comic book dude, so I don’t know who’s really out there. I didn’t find Hellboy, Guillermo [del Toro] found Hellboy and Guillermo just introduced Hellboy to me and infused me with his boyish fanboy obsession with the character. That’s what got me through that one. No, there’s no comic book character that I have identified that I’m dying to play. Plus, I don’t know if, at 68, I should even be educating the notion of superheroes anymore.”

While Perlman does raise a good point on his age, we’ve seen plenty of complaints about older actors in action roles in the past. A prime example is when everyone felt that Harrison Ford was too old to reprise his role in ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’ However, much of Perlman’s skills wouldn’t need to fall into the realm of being in top physical shape. The gruffness he can turn on through his voice and intimidating looks would more than be enough. While Perlman won’t be offering himself up for any hero roles, it does sound as if the right pitch came to him, he might be open to taking the part.

I could see DC hiring him to play Lobo or Martian Manhunter while on Marvel’s side it would be a bit more difficult. Cable has already been cast, and we saw the ‘Old Man Logan’ story arc also already told.

Are there any older superheroes or villains which you think would be a perfect fit for Ron Perlman’s on-screen persona? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend