Rumors of a Live-Action ‘Archer’ Movie Without Jon’s ‘Sexy Voice?’

There have been rumblings across the internet for years about the possibility of a live-action ‘Archer’ movie. Considering a majority of the cast bear a striking resemblance to their characters, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine it. That is, except for Benjamin.

Credit: FXX

Many people find Benjamin’s voice extremely attractive. According to him, that’s only until they see what he looks like in real life.

“People say that I do (have a sexy voice). I don’t. That’s not how I hear myself,” Benjamin said. “I mean, I hear me. Maybe it’s different when you’re hearing it not in my head? But I have to live with the reality of not being sexy. But I can tell you I’ve disappointed many people once they’ve met me in real life. Like, ‘Oh, shit! That doesn’t match what I had in mind.’ I do get that a lot.

Benjamin claims he has always found his deep voice to be annoying. Still, he thinks lending this voice to Sterling Archer has helped associated his voice with attractiveness.

“It helped move that along, being a sexy guy, even animated. The voice matched that character. A lot of people want to have my voice and his looks match up. Even with multiple surgeries, I could never do that. But I might be better off than being an incredible hunk who ‘TALKS LIKE THIS!’” Benjamin said, hitting a few falsetto notes at the end.

As for the live-action ‘Archer’ movie, Benjamin said he’s asked all the time about it, and he just doesn’t see it happening, although it has apparently been discussed.

“They would have to recast me as good looking, finally,” Benjamin said. “I think people want to see who would play that role live. I’m always objective because the rest of the cast could play themselves. Just not me. They all do pretty much look like their characters. I’m like the only guy.

“You could make an ‘Archer’ movie without me, I guess, and just have everybody else in it. (Jon Hamm’s) got a really good voice though. I know Jon Hamm and he could play that role. All I know is that, right now, it’s not necessarily in the works, but they’ve certainly entertained it and they certainly brought it up over the last five years or so.”

Archer … In Space

For the eight-episode 10th season, we see the team in space, “deep, deep into the future,” for ‘Archer: 1999.’ How did Archer and the rest of the bunch go from Danger Island to Deep Space? According to Benjamin, it’s all from the mind of Reed.

Credit: FXX

“I think he formulates season arches based on genres he’s interested in writing about or that he’s interested in and referencing,” Benjamin said. “I think he’s a voracious fan of all things – movies, TV, literature. … I think he sort of had a plan to finish the series in space, although I’m not totally certain about that. I don’t know if this is the end of the series. I think there’s debate as to whether it’s going to continue. I think a lot of people want to know if this is just another coma-dream season and if at some point Archer comes out of it.”

Benjamin brings up an interesting point. Since the beginning, the creator of the show has said he wanted to do 10 seasons and, after that, he was done. This is the 10th season and there’s still no word on whether or not this will be it for the former ISIS gang.

“Like anything else, it got to the 10th season and there was a window for maybe more with a couple of ideas Adam had,” Benjamin said. “A couple of years ago, which wasn’t the last time I talked to Adam since he usually calls before every season … he’ll call the actors to fill them in on what’s happening, he had initially said he wanted to end it after season 10. I think it certainly started in his mind that this was the last season, but now it’s maybe changed.

Benjamin wouldn’t share too much information about the upcoming season but did say that if you’re a fan of the series, he didn’t think anything would necessarily surprise them.

“I think maybe the last two episodes – it’s a two-parter – is a good cliffhanger for what comes next,” Benjamin said. “I won’t go into specifics because that’ll spoil it, but I think the main idea is to get Archer back to normal. So, yeah, that might be part of it.”

Will Sterling Archer Ever Die?

The show’s titular character over the course of the series has been shot on numerous occasions, poisoned, been in multiple plane and car crashes, had breast cancer, been stabbed several times, beaten up by a cyborg, and has guzzled enough alcohol to pickle the liver of a whale.

Even though Archer has been through all of this – and more – he still manages to come out on top, that is to say, remain alive. As we approach what could be the final season of ‘Archer,’ Benjamin had his own thoughts on how the show should end.

At some point, you have to face reality … even in animation.

“There are so many weird, tangent stories developing, which kind of happens when a show lasts this long,” Benjamin said. “I think if I were a fan of the show – not that I’m not – I think I’d just want to see Archer resolve like the way he began in some way. You know, everybody was disappointed at the ending of ‘The Sopranos,’ but I think that would be a good way to end it. Somewhat ambiguous. It seems natural to end the show by killing Archer. He certainly should have died by now, right? I think for the ending, and this is way too obvious, but I think it would be at a funeral, Archer’s funeral. That should end the show.

“… And then the hand comes out of the dirt. Classic horror style. I know that’s morbid, but I would pitch that ending – with or without the hand. At some point, you have to face reality … even in animation.”