Hopefully you can add another sci-fi show to your list of what to watch on TV as ABC has just given a pilot production commitment to a new alien comedy script written by Dan Fogelman (writer: ‘Cars’, ‘Tangled’, and ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’).

The untitled show will be about a normal family who moves into a condominium complex only to find out that everyone else living there are aliens. Chris Koch (director: ‘Modern Family’) is set to direct the pilot as well as share the executive producer title with Fogelman and Aaron Kaplan. Although the project was originally developed at Warner Bros. TV, ABC Studios will be producing the pilot. Casting is expected to begin soon.

Even though ABC has green lit a pilot production for this script, it doesn’t guarantee that the pilot will make it on to the small screen. All it means is that they are willing to pay to make a pilot. Only a small percentage of all pilots made are actually aired so keep your fingers crossed on this one! It would be great to see a comedic sci-fi show for once.

Source: Deadline