SPOILER ALERT: If you are behind on your ‘Gotham’ watching, this article contains SPOILERS for the series finale episode, so you may wish to turn back now or proceed with caution.

The final episode of ‘Gotham’ has aired and it included a ten-year time jump into the future.  Viewers may have been a tad disappointed that David Mazouz had very little screen time, as his Bruce Wayne spent the decade away from Gotham City becoming the full-blown Batman folks are more familiar with.  But another youthful character, Selina Kyle did factor in more heavily, and perhaps that was why Camren Bicondova, who has played the role from the series’ first episode, decided to step aside and hand the role of adult Selina, and full-blown Catwoman, over to newcomer ‘Westworld’s Lili Simmons.

Could this episode, entitled “The Beginning” lay the foundation for an ongoing ‘Catwoman’ spinoff?  Showrunner John Stephens says this isn’t necessarily the plan, but that he’d be open to it.  Speaking to TV Line, he replied:

“I don’t know that it’s planted. I’d say… hopeful?”

There would be pros and cons to going this route.  Catwoman is and has always been an extremely popular character, and is even more well-known among the general public than 99% of the superheroes out there.  So there’s no doubt that the character could anchor an ongoing TV series.

But ‘Gotham’ lasted for five years, and one of the chief complaints has been that the series shoehorned in elements and characters that should not have existed before the emergence of Batman.  Should FOX or anyone else want another series focused on ‘Catwoman’, it would surely have some of the same hurdles, in that Batman would most likely be off-limits.  So Selina’s exploits would have to take place on the fringe and under the radar.  It could be done, but would it be worth it?

Also, once again, ‘Gotham’ ran for five seasons.  It’s quite likely fans have had their fill.

What do you think?  Would you like to see a ‘Catwoman’ series from the creators of ‘Gotham’?