Clark Gregg Reveals His Favorite Avenger

Clark Gregg first appeared as Agent Phil Coulson in 2008’s ‘Iron Man.’ Since then, he has secured his spot as an important player in the MCU. While fans have seen most of Coulson’s story unfold on Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ this year’s film ‘Captain Marvel’ brought the character back to the big screen.


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Gregg’s experience working on the film seems to have swayed his opinion about which Avenger is his favorite. In a recent interview with Variety, when asked which character he liked the best, Gregg said:

“Wow, it changes all the time, I feel like I’m not allowed to choose, but I must say, to have the young, fresh Brie Larson energy showing up, with the world’s most powerful creature being the young, millennial-looking female really works for me.”

‘Captain Marvel’ took place in the ’90s, giving fans a look into Coulson’s early days working with Nick Fury. Gregg has some ideas of what his character would get up to with Fury, if given another opportunity:

“My fantasy is that the idea of the Avengers Initiative is born here, but then [Captain Marvel’s] gone. So what kind of horrible superhero dates have me and Nick Fury been on with various clowns and clownettes from around the globe claiming to have powers? I really want to see that short. ‘So what does this guy say he does?’ ‘He just never takes a shower. And nobody can get close to him. He can make people faint.’ ‘…I’m going back to the car. You go talk to him.’”


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Coulson fans will get to see more of Gregg when ‘Agents of SHIELD’ returns, but it remains to be seen whether we will see him in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’

‘Agents of SHIELD’ returns on May 10th, while ‘Avengers: Endgame’ opens in theaters this Friday.