Producer, Writer, And Director Are All Returning For The Sequel To 'Shazam!'

It appears that a ‘Shazam!’ sequel is already in the cards, as it has been reported that director David F. Sandberg, producer Peter Safran, and screenwriter Henry Gayden are all set to continue the cinematic adventures of teenager Billy Batson (Asher Angel) who becomes the superhuman adult Shazam (Zachary Levi).  The movie was a resounding success when it opened this past weekend, besting its top projections, and pleasing both critics and audiences.


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While it’s generally a given that when a superhero movie gets made that it is intended to be the first of many, in the case of ‘Shazam!’, time is of the essence.  Asher Angel is now 16 years old.  Jack Dylan Grazer is 15.  Check them out in this recent video from Buzzfeed:

The two teens are visibly (and audibly) older than they were while filming the movie.  At first, I wondered if maybe Angel was either sitting in a taller chair or up closer to the camera than Levi, but I checked another video and nope.  Sitting down, Angel is almost as tall as Levi.  His voice has also dropped lower.  Grazer at least still has a bit of squeakiness, but he is a year younger than Angel.

The sequel to ‘Aquaman’ isn’t due to arrive in theaters until 2022, four years after the first.  If they wait that long for a ‘Shazam!’ follow-up, it’ll be about a 20-year-old adult that turns into a slightly older adult.  They probably should have just planned this as a trilogy from the start and filmed the movies back to back.

Now we have to wait for a script.  Gayden is currently attached to provide the script for horror flick ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’, based on the novel by Stephanie Perkins, and science fiction movie ‘Last Human’, based on the novel by Lee Bacon.  Hopefully, those are far enough along that he can get cranking on ‘Shazam 2’ soon.

Have you seen ‘Shazam!’ yet?  What would you like to see in a sequel?


Source: The Wrap