The Location And Plot Will Be Completely Different In Taika Waititi's Akira

We’ve been hearing about a live-action take on ‘Akira’ have been in the works for ages and now have an extremely detailed synopsis of what Taika Waititi will be doing with the movie. A recent rumor has put the film in Manhattan instead of Neo-Tokyo, and this is one of only quite a few changes that we’ll see on the big screen. Purists out there aren’t going to be thrilled with this iteration, but Waititi has proven he can deliver a highly entertaining big-budget story.


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While some of the major plot points are going to be spot on here, there are considerable changes to the leading characters that are occurring. This has the potential to create ripples throughout the entire plot that could change everything from the biker aspect to how the leads interact with one another.

Here’s the synopsis:

When a young man’s telekinesis is discovered by the military, he is taken in to be turned into a super weapon and his brother nuts race to save him before Manhattan is destroyed by his powers. Kaneda is a bar owner in Neo-Manhattan who is stunned when his brother Tetsuo is abducted by Government agents lead by the Colonel. Desperate to get his brother back, Kaneda agrees to join Ky Reed and her underground movement who are intent on revealing to the world what truly happened to New York City 30 years ago when it was destroyed. Kaneda believes their theories to be ludicrous, but after facing his brother again is shocked when he displays telekinetic powers. Ky believes Tetsuo is headed to release a young boy. Akira, who has taken control of Tetsuo’s mind, Kaneda clashes with the Colonel’s troops on his way to stop Tetsuo from releasing Akira but arrives too late. Akira soon emerges from his prison courtesy of Tetsuo as Kaneda races to save his brother before Akira once again destroys Manhattan island as he did thirty years ago.

What are your thoughts on Taika Waititi’s new direction and location for the live-action take of ‘Akira’? Can this new take live up to the fandom’s wishes from the original? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Heroic Hollywood