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The Spider-Man spin-off ‘Morbius‘ which is set in a world without The Wallcrawler might be adding another great actor to the cast. It was revealed that Tyrese Gibson (‘The Fate of the Furious’,’Transformers: Dark of the Moon’) is in talks to join the cast of the series. He’d be joining Jared Leto who is in the central role of Dr. Michael Morbius as well as Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, and Jared Harris. The movie is being directed by Daniel Espinosa. Thanks to his work in the “Transformers” franchise as well as ‘Legion,’ this wouldn’t be the first genre film he was in, but this is the first one related to a property from either Marvel or DC.

Gibson is up for one of the last significant roles in the film which is that of an FBI agent who is trying to find and capture Morbius. It isn’t clear at this time if people will know that the character is actually a living vampire or if they’ll assume he is a serial killer.

The movie will follow Morbius the Living Vampire who is a scientist who tried to cure himself of an extremely rare blood disease. The cure didn’t work and instead turned him into a type of vampire which gives him super strength, fans, and a need to feed on the blood of others.

We know that Leto is playing Morbius, Smith will be the villain Loxias Crown who was once Morbius’ best friend and is also afflicted with the same blood disease. Arjona is set to play Leto’s love interest while Harris is Morbius’ mentor.

It should become clear quite quickly if Gibson is definitely attached to the film as Leto has just shown that production for the film has started.

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‘Morbius’ will sink his fangs into your local theater on July 31st, 2019!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter