Among The Shadows

In the new Lindsay Lohan movie (yep, you read that right), ‘Among the Shadows’ (alternately known as ‘The Shadow Within’), a “shadow war” is taking place between werewolves and vampires, with humans cluelessly caught in the middle.  Lohan plays the wife of the President (or a President, anyway), who has been threatened by a mystery organization.  Lohan believes that the culprits are werewolves and who better to fight werewolves than another werewolf.

Enter private investigator Kristy Wolfe (Ba-dum-bum-ching!), played by Charlotte Beckett, who is busy investigating the death of her uncle, when Lohan approaches her to protect her husband.  Wolfe is descended from a long line of werewolves.  And as Lohan reveals in this new clip, so is her husband, AND (plot twist) so is his political opponent.

But being a crack werewolf PI, Wolfe quickly deduces that Lohan’s character, Patricia Sherman, is also secretly a creature of the night– a vampire!

Sample dialogue:

Wolfe: “And what makes you so sure it’s one of us and not one of you?  And by ‘you,’ I mean vampire. Your kind, you’re a lot more vicious than us.”

Sherman: “And stronger,”

Check out the tense exchange between these two steely women below:


Lohan rose to fame in the ’00s, starring in such classics as ‘The Parent Trap’, ‘Freaky Friday’, and ‘Mean Girls’.  But her extracurricular activities derailed her promising film career.  She has been on something of a comeback trail the past few years though, co-starring on Rupert Grint’s British sitcom ‘Sick Note’, the low-budget indie ‘The Canyons’, and most recently, on MTV’s latest reality hot mess, ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’.

‘Among the Shadows’ was completed in 2016, but shelved until now.  It will not get a theatrical release, but it is due out on VOD on March 5.  So… there’s that.

Source: Entertainment Weekly