'Charmed' Will Welcome Fellow CW Guest-Stars Leah Pipes And Tyler Blackburn

The Charmed ones are getting some visitors who may be familiar faces to viewers of other shows on The CW.  ‘The Originals’‘ Leah Pipes will return in a recurring role, while ‘Roswell, New Mexico’s Tyler Blackburn will make a one-off guest appearance.

On ‘The Originals’, Pipes played Camille “Cami” O’Connell a psychologist and the main love interest of lead vampire Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  Her ‘Charmed’ character has actually already debuted– the “Tartarus Witch” that appeared in Ep. 10 “Keep Calm and Harry On.”  She is Elder Charity’s (Virginia Williams) younger sister and Harry’s (Rupert Evans) former student.  It has been learned that her name is Fiona Callahan.  Her release from Tartarus was orchestrated by the S’Arcana, and she turns up in Hilltowne “after spending years languishing in Tartarus under suspicious circumstances.”  She has a mysterious past and an even more mysterious power.   Is she friend or foe of the Charmed sisters?

Meanwhile, Blackburn will appear in one episode as Vitalis, “a soul-sucking demon with a loyal cult following.”  He has the power to look into a human’s soul and can lure his victims by promising them their greatest desire.

Pipes has appeared on numerous TV series, making her debut on two episodes of ‘Angel’.  She subsequently appeared in episodes of ‘Drake and Josh’, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, ‘Bones’, ‘Crossing Jordan’, ‘Ghost Whisperer’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’, ‘Law & Order: LA’, ‘The Defenders’, and ‘Glee’, as well as in the movies ‘Sorority Row’, ‘Conception’, ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’, and ‘The Devil’s Hand’.

Blackburn portrays Alex Manes on ‘Roswell, New Mexico’, an injured war hero, with a prosthetic leg, who is romantically involved with alien character, Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis).

Blackburn may also be known for playing Caleb Rivers on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and the short-lived spinoff ‘Ravenswood’.  He also depicted Peter (Pan) in the modernized series ‘Wendy’.  Before that, he was Ian on ‘Days of our Lives’.

It wasn’t stated on which episode he would debut on ‘Charmed’.

Are you enjoying the first season of ‘Charmed’?

Source: Entertainment Weekly