Jason Reitman
Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

It was announced last month that ‘Juno’ director Jason Reitman would be directing a new ‘Ghostbusters’ film. Reitman recently appeared on Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast and assured fans of the original franchise that he has their best interests at heart. When asked about how the idea for the film came to fruition, Reitman explained:

“I wrote the film in secret with my writing partner Gil Kena. We wrote it over the last year while we were finishing up ‘Frontrunner’ and we turned it in December. And I have to admit my presumption was it was going to be like any studio film that I had heard about where they do years of rewrites and they grind it into the ground and it never happens. I was fully prepared for this year to be a year of maybe taking a little time off and doing rewrites on ‘Ghostbusters’ and instead, the studio read the first draft and said ‘yeah go make it.’”

Reitman then explained that he hopes his new ‘Ghostbusters’ project will resonate with fans who grew up with the franchise, saying:

“This is going to be a love letter to ‘Ghostbusters.’ I love this franchise. I grew up watching it. I consider myself the first ‘Ghostbusters’ fan. I was like seven years old when that movie came out and I love it. I want to make a movie for my fellow ‘Ghostbusters’ fans.”

The new ‘Ghostbusters’ will serve as a sequel to the first two films, essentially ignoring 2016’s female-led reboot of the franchise directed by Paul Feig. Of course, the upcoming film has drawn criticism from fans and stars of the 2016 reboot. Leslie Jones, who played Patty in the film, made her feelings known on her personal Twitter.

The new ‘Ghostbusters’ was Directed by Reitman from a script he co-wrote with ‘Poltergeist’ remake director Kena. While not many details are known, the film is expected to begin filming in the coming months. The as of yet untitled ‘Ghostbusters’ sequel is scheduled to be released in theaters in 2020.

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