BBC Studios is looking to bring another fantasy series to the small screen with Michael Moorcock’s ‘Runestaff’ series. The production studio now has the rights to all four novels in the series which consist of ‘The Jewel in the Skull’, ‘The Mad God’s Amulet’, ‘Sword of the Dawn’, and ‘The Runestaff.’ This will allow them to fully flesh out Moorcock’s work and develop a robust ongoing series. With this revelation, we know that BBC now has two fantasy projects in development as they had recently announced that they would be bringing us ‘The Watch‘ from Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” series.

Steve Thompson (‘Sherlock’,’Doctor Who’) is penning the series with Richard Stokes (‘Broadchurch’,’Torchwood’) set as the executive producer and John Yorke (‘Life on Mars’) producing.

The ‘Runestaff’ series puts a focus on Dorian Hawkmoon who is part of a resistance force which is trying to stop the tyranny that has overtaken the world. He embarks on a world-spanning journey from ghost-cities in Syria to pirate colonies in America. The end of the journey lies in the city of Londra which is the very heart of the Dark Empire of Granbretan and is a “glittering city” with a river which “runs blood red.”

Moorcock is excited about the new show and says:

“I am delighted that BBC Studios is developing the Runestaff series for TV. I believe the team will do an outstanding job and I’m looking forward to seeing Hawkmoon, Count Brass and Yisselda brought to the screen. This is a perfect time for the series, which seems more relevant today than it did when I originally wrote it. I will be working closely with the writers to develop the stories. I feel like a schoolboy, breathlessly waiting for the first episode to be aired.”

On top of that, Thompson went on to share:

“The Runestaff novels were the first books that captured my imagination. It’s a privilege and a great adventure to be working with Michael Moorcock. I feel like I’ve just been handed the keys to the crown jewels of fantasy fiction.”

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Source: Deadline