There are times when a cast of a TV show can do something completely out of character for a marketing gimmick and have it be unique, fresh, entertaining, and generally a good idea.  Then there’s the cast of ‘Star Trek Discovery’ attempting to sing some sort of self-referential Star Trek parody song to the tune of a song from the Broadway musical ‘Rent’ and… well, you can take a look for yourself below and see the end result, if you dare.

Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, and Mary Wiseman are all seen in the video singing along to the tune that seems to indicate that there have been too many Star Trek spinoff shows – even though they all themselves star on the latest iteration of the franchise, ‘Star Trek Discovery.’  The supposed in-joke here is, of course, the tune being from ‘Rent,’ the musical in which Rapp starred as it first took to Broadway back in 1996.  Fun fact: Wilson Cruz, who plays Dr. Culber on ‘Discovery,’ was in the touring version of ‘Rent’ – but Cruz does not appear in this video.

The video is a back-door promo for the new season of Apple TV’s ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ on which the four actors star in an episode.  From Apple, the description of the episode:

Sonequa, Anthony, Doug, and Mary nerd out about their Trekker fanbase between singalongs to David Bowie, Ed Sheeran…and Rent.

Take a watch and listen to the Discovery-set promo video… if you dare.

‘Carpool Karaoke’ has a new season now streaming on Apple TV.  ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ airs new episodes on Thursday nights on CBS All Access.