With ‘Godzilla‘ being released next month on May 16th, there is always room for more details on the film. Thankfully we have five that we’ll be talking about that are mostly spoiler free (the third point contains a spoiler however this was one that was already previously revealed.) The filmmakers aren’t advertising in the way of clips, trailers, or featurettes but more of fun little pieces of information on the making of the film. These were all told by director Gareth Edwards (‘Monster’) during a ‘Godzilla’ panel at this last weekend’s WonderCon event.

First up, and the biggest tease, is that they found a new way to create Godzilla’s roar for the film. Originally the roar was created by a double bass and a leather glove covered in resin. This time around they went with something new. The thing is the film’s sound designer wouldn’t even say what created it until after Edwards had seen it on screen to not take away from the effect. He is apparently following that route and we won’t be able to find out how they created the roar yet. All he would say is that it had to do with high speed microphones. Hmm..

Second up, Edwards announced that the hardest part of making the film was creating ‘Godzilla’ himself. It wasn’t the script, it wasn’t the slew of extras being in coordination on screen, it wasn’t the mass destruction in the film. The hardest part of all was figuring out exactly what Godzilla would look like and bringing that look to life. When finalizing the design they realized that the way to go was to create the perfect silhouette of the monster for the screen and teasers and work back from there. From what they’ve shown us so far I’d say that worked rather well!

Third up is the one that contains a ‘Godzilla’ Spoiler! If you don’t want to know any big ones you may want to skip to the fourth tidbit although this was already revealed. When was it revealed? Well, there was a toy coming out for the film of a certain Muto and Edwards didn’t want to talk about it that much. He did say, though, that the second hardest piece was creating a monster that wasn’t generic or forgettable. A unique look for a giant monster these days? Always a stretch though early shots show they may have come up with one.

Fourth up was that Edwards wanted the cast to treat the movie like a personal passion project. It is pretty common knowledge that a lot of actors try to follow up a successful project with one that they feel passionate about doing. While this is clearly a blockbuster in the making, to Edwards this is a passion project and he wanted his actors to truly feel the same way about it. He felt that it would bring out their acting and that it could take a standard blockbuster movie and elevate it into something truly special.

Fifth and finally was a bit of an awkward moment between Bryan Cranston and Gareth Edwards. Apparently Edwards had been a long term fan of the ongoing series ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ (you know, that comedy that made Cranston famous before he was known as a science teacher turned meth dealer.) Only, Gareth always had one key fact about the show that he felt was wrong that he would tell to people for years. His take on Hal from the show is that he was actually a closet homosexual trying to hide his identity from the family and to Gareth it was a cornerstone to what made the show. Well, Cranston was just acting with a softer energy to counteract the extreme madness that Jane Maczmarek put on to play his wife. While this had nothing to do with the creation of ‘Godzilla’ itself it was just an off exchange between the two that Edwards is apparently still embarrassed over.

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‘Godzilla’ starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston, and Sally Hawkins hits theaters on May 16, 2014 in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

Source: Cinema Blend