Terminator 6

While it may be tough to get excited about the upcoming ‘Terminator 6’ after having been burned by the last couple of outings from the franchise, keep in mind this release does have James Cameron somewhat involved, is being directed by Tim Miller (the man who helped get the first ‘Deadpool’ off the ground as director), and has Linda Hamilton coming back as Sarah Connor. Those elements alone should get even the most skeptical fans at least somewhat intrigued. Now, there is even more reason to be interested.

A new video released by the Hungarian National Film Fund shows off some behind the scenes footage of the movie which is being shot in Hungary, giving us our first look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film, his appearance looking a lot older than we have seen in previous films, begging the question of how are they going to explain his character aging when he is a robot (sure, this has been addressed in ‘Genisys,’ but since that movie is basically being stripped from the canon, it will be interesting to see what this film says on the subject, especially since it has Cameron’s involvement). Not only that, but one shot shows Schwarzenegger’s character sitting near a house, drinking a beer with a dog sitting nearby, which is interesting in the context of the film as dogs in-universe were humanity’s first protection against Terminators who looked human, as they were the only ones who could tell, and did not like the machines. The fact that this dog is sitting with Arnold could mean a couple of things, either that the animal has acclimated to this particular Terminator over the years because of its service to the Conners, that Arnold’s Terminator has spent enough time around humans to become more and more human, making it harder for the dog to tell the difference (also explains the aging), or, the theory I hope for, that perhaps THIS is the human that the original Terminator was built to look like, so Schwarzenegger’s character in the film IS actually human.

No matter what, there are sure to be some interesting concepts thrown around in the movie, and it will most likely be worth a viewing just to see Schwarzenegger and Hamilton on-screen together again in these roles.

Will you be checking out ‘Terminator 6’ when it premieres on November 1st? Do you have any theories about Arnold’s terminator and how it is aging? Feel free to share any thoughts you have in the comments below!