Kiki Layne
Kathy Hutchins /

KiKi Layne has gained major notice for starring in the hit indie drama ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ directed by Barry Jenkins and will next be seen in ‘Native Son’.  Both movies are based on acclaimed novels, ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ by James Baldwin, and ‘Native Son’ by Richard Wright.  But Layne isn’t opposed to appearing in a film based on another type of book– a comic book.

While attending the Critics’ Choice Awards last weekend, she discussed her current output, saying to Variety:

“I’m just feeling thankful that right out of the gate, I get to let audiences know that this is the type of work that really matters to me, and that I recognize that I have the ability to say something with my art, with the projects I choose.”

But what role would she love to take?  Storm from the X-Men.

“She was an image of myself, of a powerful chocolate black woman, and I just think that’s an amazing image to have and I really want to play Storm.” She added that she and her agents are actually taking steps for her to land, the role.  “Oh, yeah.  We are actively plotting, actively plotting.”

Alexandra Shipp is currently portraying the mutant weather goddess and will next appear in ‘Dark Phoenix’ on June 7.  And of course, the role was made famous by Halle Berry in the earlier ‘X-Men’ movies.

But ‘Dark Phoenix’ is the last 20th Century Fox ‘X-Men’ movie, as Disney will finalize its purchase of Fox this year and the characters will be absorbed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has stated that they have not yet started planning how to reboot the mutant heroes in that context.  But we all know it’s coming.

Marvel Studios has a tendency to cast actors that are on the rise, but that are not massive stars that demand huge salaries.  KiKi Layne fits that bill.  She is earning praise for her work but is certainly not a household name.  Yet.

There is no guarantee that Storm will be part of Marvel Studios’ plans.  After all, the original X-Men in the comics were Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Ice Man and Marvel Girl/Jean Grey.  Then again, the movie teams have been a hodgepodge of characters from different eras.

What do you think?  Would KiKi Layne make a good Storm for upcoming movies?