Black MantaAfter the credits rolled in ‘Aquaman,‘ fans began to look towards the future and hoping for a sequel, but one fan has something else in mind. Producer Geoff Johns who is also the former CCO of DC Comics doesn’t want to see more of ‘Aquaman’ but instead would be thrilled to see Black Manta really get a chance to shine. For those who have enjoyed the movie, this is a sentiment likely shared as Yahya Abdul-Mateen II did a fantastic job as we saw his character really evolve into a villain turning from pirate into something much darker.

To start with, Johns shared that we almost didn’t even get the character in ‘Aquaman’ as he was almost cut:

“There was a moment when the script was really going, and James texted me or emailed me, and said Black Manta’s story may be too big for this movie. What do you think? And I didn’t reply, I just went to his office, and I said, ‘Black Manta has to be in the movie.’ He was like, ‘I know!!!'”

Thankfully that didn’t happen. Instead of Black Manta being cut, we got to see the suit made from Atlantean technology and put the character in a place where he could square off against Arthur Curry. Now, Johns wants to take things up a notch and shared that:

“There should be a Black Manta movie. That’d be a cool movie.”

As a producer for DC Comics television and cinematic experiences, he does have some sway on seeing this vision happen. Of course, we all know he won’t be the one making the final weigh in on the matter, but it certainly helps the chances of the villain getting his own movie. Of course, if ‘Suicide Squad 2’ and the upcoming Harley Quinn films bomb at the box office there might not be much of a push for villain-centric movies at Warner Bros. moving forward.

Would you be interested in watching a movie that starred Black Manta in the leading role? Are there any story arcs that you hope would be borrowed from if this did end up being the case? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend