Penny Johnson Jerald’s Dr. Claire Finn had sex with what could be described as a “mound of Jell-O” in the first season or ‘The Orville‘ and the actress shares we haven’t seen anything yet as the second season has “upped it up at least 10 notches” when it comes to the raunchiness. This shouldn’t be a surprise for fans of Seth MacFarlane‘s work as his previous creations have included ‘Family Guy‘, ‘American Dad!’ and ‘Ted.’

As to how they’ve done this, Jerald reveals:

“I’m not one to put it out there so fast, but in reading the scripts and then hearing the feedback from what’s happening in post [production], people are having immediate reactions to what we did, so I’m so excited for the fans to see it. And what’s different about it, now that we “notched it up” there, is that I think we go really deep this year. I think that the fans because they are so open and very smart people, have allowed us to explore places that we thought could be borderline. They’re ready for limitless journeys.”

Depending on how they “go really deep,” it could really mean that the “borderline” of how far they were allowed to go could be stretching the limit of what Fox would usually show. Of course, it isn’t all fun and games in the upcoming season as we’ll also see Finn having to continue being a parent as well:

“My kids are back, and I’m so excited about that because every time I come on set, they’re there, and I become this mother hen. I protect them behind the scenes, and then when we’re [on-camera], I feel like they’re my kids. And then I have to be reminded I have to give them back to their parents because their parents are always there. We are dealing with issues that kids will still be dealing with in the future, and I’m excited about that too. There are things that we let them get away with, and some things we still just don’t let them get away with.”

As for the Jello-O mentioned above, she also touches exploring the relationship she had developed with Yaphit:

“Maybe Claire’s too much human for him. Maybe that scientific, that medical part of her knows a bit too much, and she decided, “It’s probably safer this way.” You know, I just learned recently what Yaphit means. I had a Lyft driver whose name was Yaphit, and I thought, “This is crazy, getting in the car with someone whose name is Yaphit,” and it means “the beauty within.” I said, OK, let me look at that in terms of our Yaphit. And you know, there’s beauty in all of us, so I think Claire was able to find that inner beauty even though she lost her freaking head. But having that relationship certainly put him on the map, and it allows me as an actor to just go places where no one has ever asked me to go before.”

It sounds as if we shouldn’t expect Yaphit to return for another outing but knowing MacFarlane’s work, you can’t rule anything out.

Are you looking forward to the second season of ‘The Orville’? Do you hope that the series ends up finding a way to bring Yaphit back? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TV Line