James Wan Aquaman

You know, just a few years ago, I’m pretty sure the only ‘Aquaman’ fans in the world were myself and my friends Rob and Russell.  Seriously.

But James Wan‘s live-action adaptation of the DC Comics underwater champion is doing unexpectedly well at the box office.  And not only are fans checking it out, but most are leaving satisfied.  Maybe a little too satisfied.  A war almost as epic as the one that culminates the film has broken out online as fans of ‘Aquaman’ are harassing others who don’t like it.

Wan keeps getting tagged in these heated debates and he’s kind of sick of it.  He took to Twitter to address the feud.

It’s not as though ‘Aquaman’ is a universally beloved movie.  Its Rotten Tomatoes score is 65%.  That’s good, but not glowing.

Either way, ‘Aquaman’ is a certified hit, having already crossed the half-billion mark.  Some speculate that it will hit that billion dollar mark before the end of its theatrical run.  Its run in China has been extended, a rarity for western movies.  It has already beaten ‘Justice League”s gross from its entire run and overseas, has outperformed ‘Wonder Woman’.

‘Justice League’ was the last DC movie and it is generally viewed as a flop.  ‘Aquaman’ has gone a long way in establishing that Warner Brothers is on the right track, and it should make things easier for ‘Shazam!’ when it arrives on April 5, 2019.

Have you seen ‘Aquaman’ yet?  Is it good enough to start a fight over?